About sessions

I take different lenght sessions ( from 1 hour to overnight sessions)  into My own dungeon situated in N-th or Bucharest.

The sessions must be booked in advance with minimum 2-3 days for short legnght sessions and with about 1 week in advance , for overnight sessions. 

You must know that I am very selective and don't accept everybody for session, but if you convince Me that you deserve to spend My time with you, , then I may consider you !

You may send your session aplication at or 

For first time applicants , depending on the situation, I might require deposit and/or references from other Mistress that you have been visit! 

Depending on My schedule, I take sometime online session through Skype! 

Present your self well, in a polite manner and give as many details as possible about what you have tried, what you want to explore and what your limits are!

Also a phone number and a picture will be very wellcome, in order to speed up your session booking process! 

The best way to catch My attention and get priority for sessions, is to buy My clips at

Important : make sure you read About Me, My Like's , and Dont's before you write Me. Also, do not send any session inquiry with out having the Fetish List complete! Download it here, fill it in and attach into your email.

Lack of  thought in your application, ,,telegrams,, or any requests for sexual services / nudity will be ignored.

I am not an escort and I do not offer sexual or personal services!

If you do not have a reply within 1 week, you can assume I am not interested, do not bother contacting Me again.

The Studio

 My studio is located in N Bucharest, not far from the airport. I decorated my studio according to My taste and according to My style of play.

The studio is fully equipped and can host overnight sessions.

Everything I use is in good working condition, properly cleaned and cared for with the strictest hygienic standards. Shower, toilet facilities, water or tea as well as individual toiletry kits are available.