About Me

Hello and welcome to My web page!

When you ask people to talk about themselves they will start by relating to other aspects of their life, for example “I am an engineer”, “I own My business”, or “I have 2 children”…

It’s difficult to talk about you without mentioning your achievements, just about you as a person, as a human being.

Because above all I am a human being too, I will tell you little bit about Me as a woman and as a Mistress!

I am Mistress Luna, involved into BDSM scene since 2003 and, in 2008 I was honored with the title, a Sublime Lady of OWK.

I have 15 years experience who thrives on the total exchange of power.  I am Dominant, and there is nothing more that I enjoy than to session with gentlemen who live to appreciate Me and My style of  Domination. I am an charismatic&highly intuitive and an emotionally intelligent Goddess.
I am very enthusiastic and genuinely involved in the BDSM scene with all its aspects.

I approach this area with seriousness and devotion and I expect my slaves to do the same.
The superficiality and frivolity has no place in my relationship with a sub!               Luna-6-10-0242 (1)

I'm not a little girl in her 20's! I am a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants, when and in what way!!

I am a woman who respects herself and also respect her kin (including her slaves) because, above all, we are humans and all beautiful and healthy relationships are based on mutual respect. Therefore a submissive coming to Me will never be in danger of losing his self-respect.
To be submitted to Me it's not humiliation but rather an uplifting act!
Because you have the courage, even for an hour, to be yourself, totally exposed, naked, almost transparent in front of Me!!

Luna-6-10-0092 (1)Contrary to the "role play" term often used for a sub-Dome scene I believe that when you're with Me, even only for an hour, you're actually the actual you, with your weaknesses and your fantasies.

There is nothing wrong in having fantasies nor in trying to transpose them in reality as long as they are consensual but the social constraints taught us that it's "a shame", it's "bad", "disgusting" and "forbidden". That you are a man and you have to be the ruler !
As a result, slowly-slowly you cover your actual self with masks: one for neighbours, one for colleagues, one for the bosses, one for friends and, sometimes, even for your life partner!
We collect so many mask, assume so many roles that even we don’t know who we really are!

The moment you have the courage to state loudly your fantasies and willingly obey to Feminine Power - exactly in that moment you are freer than ever and only then you can say <<I know what I do, I do what I want but in a responsible way!>>.

In those moments you become a conscious man satisfied with himself and with his life.

I don't want to continue in this direction because I might digress for hours - I admit that I believe in trans-personal human development - but probably not the best subject here and now!

What I wanted was to point out that for Me a BDSM session, or a sub-Dom relationship, is much more than just simple physical experiences. I'm interested in the subtler effects and deeper feelings so both I and My slave can get maximum benefit for the body, the mind and the heart.

Therefore, if you're just curious to know how the whip feels on your skin or how exciting it is to sit at the feet of a woman, then surely you are not in the right place !Go and look elsewhere!


Luna-6-10-0420 (1)

Here are welcomed only those who believe in the Feminine Power and have the ability to establish deep connections at different levels: from outside to inside and vice versa: from the skin to the heart and from the heart to the skin.

I see Myself as a person who loves life! I hate superficiality and I always try to take a look behind the appearances and this is reflected in all that I do!!!

I like to think and affirm that I'm a conscious person, aware of my qualities and defects so I embrace them and love Myself as I am!

Come and worship at My feet and experience the privilege of serving Me !

Expect to feel truly used and abused, you will come crawling back for more!