Spring Sales Campaign Rewards!

Hello !

The Spring Sales Campaign have finish !

Many thanks to all of you who was buying My clips, but , for the rewards , participate only those buying through the special link I was indicated!

If you remember, I was offering 3 rewards for the first 3 buyers of My clips.

To remind you, the rewards was :

# place 1 will receive one hour video-chat with Me and a pair of My worn pantyhose or panties ( as he choose)

# place 2 will receive one hour video-chat with Me

# place 3 will receive half hour video-chat with Me



Because there was a lot of selling during those 3 month, I need time to sort everything out and see hwo are the first 3 buyers! Also next weekend is My birthday so I will not spend My time on PC, therefore, I will announce the 3 rewarded buyers on the last weekend of June.


Thank you !

Mistress Luna

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