Important Notice!

Hello to everybody!
Lately someone is trying to discredit My self by impersonating Me on adult/BDSM sites, and also in Twitter.
The profiles on Collarspace or on FetLife - are not mine, they are fake!
Please be cautious and do not share any details or personal information, all profiles claiming to be Mistress Luna from Bucharest/Romania are fake.                                                            
The only contact method with Me is through My personal webpage , at or at   and also on Twitter at @MistressLuna_ decline the responsibility for any actions or statements made by people behind those false profiles. However, it may apear more profiles, using my name and my pictures, pretending is Me , but I want to make it clear for everybody , the only way to contact Me, are those through My personal webpage , at or at  and on Twitter at @MistressLuna_ 
My website was close because I intend to change the design and open a video gallery but, it seem, it was not good idea, as long as someone use the opportunity to make ,,bad jokes,,!
So I decide to open and will make the changes on the go!
Just to reward My devoted slaves I have made some new pictures !
See them here! ,,in Premiere,, online!

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