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Mummified at My will 2

This clip is the second of a series of 3 clips, shot with camera on tribord during a real session with a personal slave. After I teased My slave, in the first part of the session (see Mummified at My will 1), I decided it was time to edge him, because in the end, when I will ruin his orgasm, I want to shout more sperm from his balls. I am in the mood to tease and edge with Doxy. It seems that this boy is very aroused and his dick has become very sensitive: I only touch it a little and he is already ready to explode ... in fact, he is so excited that he is in the edge all the time. I find it very fun to see him so helplessly, aroused to the maximum, and desperately nodding and trying to communicates ... he wants to please Me and not ejaculate before I let him do, but it seems to be very difficult for him. He would better do resist, otherwise he would meet My whip! If it's so sensitive, I'll alternate the Doxy with the hits of My riding crop! I hit his dick as hard as I can, then I tease it again with the Doxy's vibrations and so .. up down, up down ... agony and ecstasy ... I love to alternate pain with pleasure because I can extend all My fun so much! After playing like this a while, I stop using the Doxy because in the state where the slave is now, it is better to have his dick in My hand, I can control it better! I know that it would only take a few tougher touches and rhythmic and already, this slave would explode ..but no ... it's not yet the time for that ... I


Toilet slavery is your new life

This slave begged Me to accept him as a slave. After almost six months of prayers and prayers, I accepted to receive him for a test! I want to test his devotion and obedience! Now, from about two hours, he's waiting for Me in the bathroom, as I ordered him! When I go into the bathroom, I tell him how I'm going to use it: he'll have to clean My boots with his tongue, then he will smell My ass clad in shiny leggings, he will satisfy Me orally through these tight leggings. After that, he will have to carefully remove My boots and worship My bare sweaty feet. Because I'm going out with a girlfriend in town, he'll stay in the bathroom and wait for Me! I want to work until I get back, so, I'll pee in leggings and he'll have to suck the pee from them, until there is not a drop left. But until then, I tease him by giving him My orgasm juice and pee to smell it from My hand: as an anticipation of what is next! When I use a male as a toilet slave, I have great satisfaction: to pee on My slave, and soon to train him so that he can consume everything that comes from My body, it satisfies Me to the highest degree. After all, fulfilling the most humiliating tasks is for a slave, the best way to prove his obedience and devotion!


Mummified at My will 1

This clip is the first of a series of 3 clips, shot with camera on tribord during a real session with a personal slave, clips in which you will see cock tease, edging and ruining orgasm in the third clip. The first clip illustrates, as is normal, the first part of the session, in which I allow this slave to know Me better. He smells My hair, then I press his nose between My tits, letting him to inspire the perfume of My body. I love enormously to mummify My slaves, because it turn them into helpless puppets, some "cocoon," with dick ... with whom I play as I want and how I want! I sweated after all the effort to put this slave in his mummy suit and now he has to smell My sweat and lick My armpits! I light a cigarette and play as I like it with his nipples! I know he have sensitive nipples and he gets really excited if I touch them in a certain way. My touches have an effect and his dick is up and ready to break the film that covers and constrains it. I release his dick from the foil and I amuse Myself by alternating pain with erotic touches on his nipples and his dick! This slave is a young boy. He is excited and nervous to be at My feet to be helpless in the hands of a mature Domina, experienced like Me! I love to play with young guys like him: I am amused by the power and spell I have on them! Sometimes, when I first allow a young boy to meet Me in the real, he is just shaking from emotion ... I like this, is so empowering! After having fun with hitting and tea


Drilled in his ass by rubber Domina

I'm trying to find the right words to describe this clip! Honestly, pictures say more than a thousand words could do it! Take a look and you'll understand why! You will see how much I like to do this, dig the malepussy of this cock slut ... you will see My eyes shining with pleasure and excitement ... To fuck this male bitch, it is absolutely a great pleasure for Me. Look at Me: dressed in latex, which compliment My voluptuous shapes and moving My strong hips in a fast rhythm by digging into this slave's ass - do you think it's anything more powerful than that? A superior Woman, dominant woman who is impaling a lower male, emasculating him and turning him into nothing more than a cock whore ... I decided there was no point in looking for words to describe this video! It is absolutely certain that you have to buy this video and after you watch it, you will have dreams with Mistress Luna in latex drilling deep in your ass!


Face-sitting in jodhpurs

It is natural for my slave to serve exactly as I wish and when I wish. After a long walk in the middle of nature, I get tired and want to rest my feet! I will sit on My slave's face! I wear these jodhpurs without underwear, so, between his face and My Santcum, it's just a thin layer of absorbent cotton material. I'm sweaty and I did not take a shower in the morning, knowing I'm going to the woods and will sit on the face of this inferior male. I will sit on his face, rub it with My ass and My intimate areasand I will force him to breathe all the arousing perfume of My intimate area! The strong smell of my sweaty ass and My excited femininity is working, and I almost hear his heart beating out of him. I have other plans with him for today, but from now on, after this special treatment I know that he will blindly follow Me, like a docile puppy tamed by the perfume of My femininity!


you are just an object for My pleasure!

Here you are, locked in the small cage, tied to hands and feet, impossible to escape! Your neck is chained so your head is immobilized in a stiff, stiff and painful position. You waited in this cell for a few hours, which seemed long to you! You hear the heels of My shoes on the floor ceramics, and you know your Owner is back to you! Your heart is beginning to beat faster, and your thoughts overwhelm you: you do not know what I'm going to do to you, but one thing you know for sure, that I will do exactly what I want with you and you will not be able to resist! But you do not even want to resist! Here I am, I'm here with you! First, I'm forcing you to smell My sweaty armpits, then, I put My sweaty shoes on your nose, forcing you to inhale the strong fragrance. It amuse Me that you are in such a position, without escaping! I'm slapping your face! The slaps you get are painful but you only think about what's going to happen. I climb on the cage that holds you captive and I put My sweaty feet in nylon, on your face ... forcing you to inhale all the strong and exciting perfume! You know that you are here for My pleasure and that your pleasure does not matter ! I do not care about your pleasure or erection but you can not hide your excitement: your dick is so hard! Then, clutching your head between My strong thighs and firmly pushing your head so your nose and face are completely covered and blocked by My intimate parts! It excites Me to see you so helplessly, totally


Pee in jodhpurs

I have using My slave as a pony and I had fun humiliating and using him ! This slave is doing anything, for few drops of My golden nectar! He is crazy for My Golden Champagne ! Today I am in the cruel mood and I will not give him My pee, unless he will suck the pee from My white jodhpurs! He is just a lowly creature and he fall into submission, deeper and deeper after day! He expect to drink the nectar straight from the ,,fountain,, but, that;s not going to happen today ! I put a tape over his mouth and begin pissing through the jodhpurs, slowly slowly so My slave can see and get aroused but frustrated at same time ! I pee through jodhpurs but I collect everything into a doggy bowl - we cant waste such a precious golden liquid! I am so pleased and excited when I humiliate My slaves like this: to show them where is their place and give them the chance to show devotion and worship Me ! My jodhpurs are so wet of pee now ! The slave must beg Me for permission to suck the pee from it! Disgusting inferior beast like him must beg for every liquids (and not only) coming out from My body!


Thank Me for spending your money

Hello slave ! You waited for Me, on all four in the bathroom as I ordered ? - ofcourse you do, I've locked you there before I went out ! I had wonderful day: city sightview, extravagant dinner , shopping and clubbing! By the way, here is your card - is empty ! Tomorrow you give Me another card and make sure is a credit card not debit card like today ! I love traveling with you: I go out, I have fun, I visit new places, pampering My self like a Queen using your money, and you, humbly waiting Me , all day, locked in the bathroom ! You been a good boy, I am pleased ! Now, I want to use your tongue to clean the dust from My boots and after that, I will let you sniff My sweaty ass in leggings ! After a whole day out in the city, My ass is very sweaty! Sniff My ass and thank Me for spending your money ! After all, I allow your inferior, lowly self, into My Superior presence! You are such a lucky boy!


Walk behind Me in the forest

I am wearing white jodhpurs that emphasizes My hips and My round seductive bottom! I want you follow Me into the forest! No, you are not important for Me, in fact you disgust Me so much , but, I need to pee and guess, who is going to drink all and lick the pee from My boots? Now, look down at My bottom and follow Me in the forest ! Your inferior self, will be mesmerized by My curvaceous body in motion and by the time we reach the place I want , in the forest, you will be already under My spell ! I will use you as My toilet slave and you will do everything I want for the chance of kissing and sniffing My gorgeous ass ! I will emasculate you! You will be no male, anymore! I will turn you into an object ! An object for My pleasure and for My amusement ! Now, you ready? I think you thirsty ! Follow Me, slave!


you are nothing but My pet

I feed My pets in a bowl, right on the floor, from My feet, My mouth and in the end directly from My ass. Now I will feed My pig a banana that I thoroughly chew in My mouth and moisten with layers of My spit. he shall consume his meal, off My boots and from the floor. This slave would do anything when I'm wearing boots,he is totally enslaved. I will make him My pet and I will have fun using him for most inferior task ! For such an inferior creature, to be My pet is an upgrade of his lowly condition! Naturally, he will get to eat it from under My boots, this will take him into a deeper state of submission! For his own good, he must learn to enjoy his meal and be a good puppy or he will meet My whip!


Sweaty nylon for a tamed beast

I have walked many hours in boots! My feet are sweaty and the nylon's that cover My feet are wet of sweat! Now its time for the male beast, I kept it in My cage, to stick his tongue out and start licking My sweaty feet in nylon! I like when My slave has a very wet mouth as he worships the pantyhose that cover My feet. All he has to do is to sniff My nylon and lick My sweaty feet while I am relaxing. Not a difficult or unpleasant task, isn't it? I know he's happy to be under My feet. The scents of My sweaty feet in nylon tamed the inferior creature and he become very obedient and happy to be under My feet! So, stick out your tongue, slave. and worship , worship , worship My sacred feet enveloped in nylon ! This is your new life and from now on, the only way you will be permitted to cum, is by worshiping My feet : you will be My pantyhose slut and My foot sucker whore!


New whips to test it on hubby

I got a new whips and I want to test it as soon as possible! I test them on My hubby! Although he is not used with bull whips and canes, he takes all the pain I gave him! I am satisfied and I permit him to kiss My boots to thank Me for the occasion I gave him to be useful and to show his obedience! Using the whip it makes Me horny , as always, so, I order My hubby to sniff and lick My ass and My Sanctum through the arousing material of My nylon pantyhose ! He is sniffing and licking and he knew, that his obedience and adoration it give Me strength ! I am his Goddess and he live to please Me and to worship Me !


Rewarded with stinky nylon

I am in a vacation at mountain, and My slave is with Me. Yesterday I had a very long walk : mountain tracking for more than 7 hours . I have wear some comfortable shoes for a long walk and nylon socks and a jeans leggings without underwear! Once we arrived back at our hotel room I ordered My slave to kneel because I want to make him smell My very stinky shoes , feet in nylon and ass! First , he must carefully remove My shoes and stick his nose inside to breath all the warm sweaty scent - after 7 hours of walking ! Then, he must sniff My feet in nylon : they are so sweaty; they become wet and stinky , but what an wonderful arousing reward for My slave ! After sniffing, he must lick and suck My toes in nylon: so, to make sure, all the sweat it goes into his mouth ! His wet warm mouth touching and sucking My toes, it comfort and relax My tired feet ! After he worshiped My sweaty feet in nylon and I am satisfied, I gave him My sweaty dirty ass to smell ... and to make sure, he will inhalle all the scents from My naked ass after 7 hours of walking, I sit on his face and make sure, his nose is deep inside My ass ! He must thank Me after all, for this special treat : he is just an inferior creature and smelling or tasting My sweaty feet and dirty ass is a privilege and an honor! He is a lowly male, and smelling My dirty ass is not granted for him : he must earn it ! Today, he earned this ,,favor,, !


Slave milked by his Owner and forced to drink his cum

My slave must travel for business purpose and he will be away for 16 days. Today I will milk him and I will not ruin his orgasm, but, he must drink all his filthy sperm ! I am satisfied to see how My hands drive him crazy, but , I will not milk him before, I have some fun! I love to touch his dick and when its getting hard, I love to whip it : mixing the pleasure with pain it exciting Me ! This male is just a puppet in My hands! After, he will have to drink all his sperm , all to the last drop and then, I'll lock his cock back in a chastity ! I dont want him to use chastity because I am afraid he cheat on Me , not at all! I want him to wear chastity because he must feel he loose the freedom, the will and the control over his sexuality ! And by the way: dont worry! When you wear a chastity, you will make a lot of sex : but in your mind !


Footboy for My Royal feet

I am a Goddess and My feet must be treat it and pampered in consequence! At evening I Must have My footboy laying on the floor and I rest My bare feet on his face! I like to have a glass of red wine while My footboy use his tongue to lick and massage My soles and My toes! Sometime, when I want to have fun, I tease his cock , to get erected and then I just whip it or slapped ... His cock is receiving the pain and slowly slowly it get soft again, just like a maggot ... I touch it with My hands and the cock is getting hard again, I whip it more ... It amuse Me so much to see , how My slave react at the touch of My hands and at My bare feet on his face ..he can not resist ... he get a hard cock , although he know, that I want it hard just to slap it ... What you think, you will resist ?


OTK spanking for a naughty sissy

Suzy is My new sissy boy ! I started to train him and I am very pleased with him! He is very shy and is blushing all time when I dress him like a girl, when I force him to smell and lick My armpits, to smell and lick My sweaty feet or My ass ... Seeing Suzy so much shy it make Me more devilish and the more Suzy is blushing, the more I want to force her doing things for Mammy! Suzy is not permitted to touch her clitydick with out first, asking Me! I have catch Suzy, touching her clit, with out having My permission , so I will punish her ! I will punish Suzy over the knee spanking - make her little bottom red ! After I administrate her the punishment, I give her My finger, to suck, just like a good little girl , but I want to drink My coffee so I tell Suzy, to suck My toes ... I know, it relax her and help her pass through the shameful moments if she have something to suck ! I am going to train Suzy into a perfect Mammy's girl !


Lick My boots and fuck yourself

I like to use My strapon on males, but, only those very well trained have the privilege to get their male pussy drilled by My cock ! This slave shall prove he is trained and he can take My cock inside , all the way, exactly as I like! I will smoke a cigarette and he must fuck himself while licking My boots to make them shiny! I have attached a black dildo inside the cage of this slave and now, there is no escape for him : he must take it all inside his whore ass and at the same time, he must clean My boots with his tongue ! He is just a whore, lowly cunt and disgusting slut and his ass is now My pussy - so inferior male, that he is not worth to get Me fucking his ass ! He must fuck himself alone !


Consume My body waste

After I had filming , wearing latex for long time, My feet in boots are very wet and smelly ! Because I am pleased with My slave performance during the filming time, I want to ,,reward,, him , so, I take him to the bath room and order him to open and remove My boots : he have permission to suck and lick My very sweaty feet: so wet, that drops of sweat are dripping from it, once I remove it from boots! After cleaning My feet, I pee in a glass and he will have the honor to consume My golden nectar! This clip is filmed by phone and was not made following a script : its a genuine spontaneous scene from a normal day of a Lifestyle Domina!


Give up your freedom to be under My ass

This slave is a pathological wanker! He used to masturbate about 7 times/day ! I locked his dick into a chastity cage , in order to cure this bad habit! Now he have 2 weeks since he is locked , and I have tell him, that in 2 weeks he will be permitted to release his balls! Today is the big day ! I remove the cage and order him to look at Me , to see how gorgeous I look in latex! I tease him with My round generous ass, with My super strong curvy hips ... I sit on his genitals and rub My ass clad in latex against it ... He start to beg Me to allow him to touch and worship My ass ! I know he is crazy about My ass so, I want to seduce him with My ass and manipulate him, to put him back in the cage for one more week, with out releasing his balls! I will make him beg for My ass and I'll offer him a permission to worship My ass in exchange to his ,,freedom,, ! I know he will not resist and everything will go just as I want! Poor boy : he dont know how cruel I am, and after I will let him few second to worship My ass, I will order him to stroke his cock , but, with out cum ...just to edge ... and then, back in the cage for one more week ! Haha..he will have very sensitive and swollen balls for one more week .... I am so pleased !


Mammy teaches you how to suck

I want to turn this slave into My little girl Suzy ! I humiliate him so much, emasculating him and molded him into what I want! He is very shy boy, and clearly he is overwhelmed by My demanding attitude and My seductive look ! He is definitely under My spell ! I put him to dress a nice pink pantyhose and a nice girl dress and now, is time for Suzy to learn how to suck! I look into this shy boy eyes and tell him: From now, you are not a male, anymore! You will be just My innocent little girl Suzy! Mammy will make you a big slut, an whore and you will do anything for Mammy , but in special, you will lick and suck everything Mammy will tell you , everything ... But, for the beginning, you will have to learn how to suck and Mammy have the perfect way to teach you how to suck! I wear a strapon not with dildo as you expect, but with bottle of milk - so, My Suzy, can exercise good sucking ....later, she will suck nipples, clit and even cocks ... she will love sucking! After Suzy suck the milk and I am pleased, I force her to smell My ass and then to smell My very sweaty armpits ... The boy ( Suzy) is so obedient and shameful ... she just do everything as I say ... I am pleased ! I am happy, I will have My little ,,sissy,, just as I like ! Mammy will take care to discipline and educate Suzy ! Now, because I am please, Suzy can suck My toes ...she just love sucking , and Mammy is happy with it!