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Lick My ass, hubby!



Me and My hubby, we have a beautiful D/s relation! My hubby is worshiping Me, just as any other of My slaves! The rules are the same:always start with My boots ! 

I keep him locked in chastity but today he will receive a ,,special,, reward: he will be allowed to sniff and lick his beautiful wife's ass! 



Worth My dick


I want all My slaves to train their ass and be able to take My cock from behind because I like so much pegging them! I transform My slaves in My strapon sluts ! I test this boy, to see if he can take My cock from behind ! I fuck him so hard , from different positions and at the end, My conclusion is : he worth My dick !



Eat My cock at breakfast!


I have this boy, who applied to be My personal servant, and now, he is in probation period! This morning, I want to taste his reaction when, since from the very first hour of the days, after he bring My coffee I give him a ,,surprising food at breakfast,, ! He must eat a juicy ,,sausage,, at breakfast ! 


Turning you into My sissy, Part 7


In this episode, you will see, how Dolly become very well trained sissy ! From an useless male, I turned him into a funny sissy: Doly! 

I keep Dolly in chastity at all time, but he must do certain daily training , to improve and accept his sissy posture, attitude and fate! 

In this episode you will see how I train him to masturbate as a girl and to get aroused by having a huge black cock spanking his bottom ! 

Whe Dolly is aroused, he make oink oink sounds – thats a very efficient indicator for Me, and I use it ugainst him all time! 

Ofcourse, teasing him with My ass clad in pantyhose is also a part of his training but not only : I realy have fun when he start oink oink oink …

Turning a male into sissy is very pleasant activity for Me and in Dolly's case, it give Me a lot of satisfactions! 


Smother time


I wear gorgeous golden boots, with fishnets pantyhose and I smoke one cigarette while smothering this male face! I bet you want to be in his place ! Exercise your imagination and think: you are on that bench and My ass is smothering your face! You are intoxicated by My arousing perfume and beside this I tease your dick it will be ?


First, you suck it!


as a male, you must learn, that My pleasure is always first! When you kneel at My feet, keep in your mind that you are there to please Me, that's your mission : make Me happy! Now, before I let you sniff My sweaty feet in pantyhose ( I know is your biggest pleasure)  you must suck My cock , be My human ashtray and please Me ! 

Yeah, I know, you dont like it and in fact you hate the ash taste ...but , I'll make you do it ! 

To smell My stinky feet in nylon, worth all the humiliation comes from your Owner ...and in fact, sucking My cock is not humiliation , is a privilege for such an useless creature like you! 


My hubby work for My pleasure!


My hubby is My slave:  he obey and follow My rules, always struggling to please Me! Today I had a long day , walking in high heels with My white stockings on! Now My feet are tired and sweaty and ofcourse smelly! My hubby was waiting Me at home, with a bottle of Champagne in refrigerator ! Now, I just relax while My hubby is working to ,,comfort,, Me: he worship My feet in nylon , sniffing, kissing, licking and everything I want ! I like this treatment for My tired stinky feet but I also like to tease him little! My hubby is only allowed to ejaculate once a month and only when I say and how I say ! So, I tease his dick , while he is worshipping My feet ! I bring him very near ejaculating, near the edge but I dont let him cum! I want him only to edge for his beautiful wife! 

And , after I am pleased with My feet worshipped, I decide to sit on My hubby face and I order him to lick My ass ! I don't wear panties so, you can imagine, how arousing it is for him, to sniff and lick My ass …. he is getting very aroused but, I don't let him cum, because everything in our marriage is about My pleasure not about his dick ! I am the one who receive pleasure whenever I want and however I want !  



I get so horny when I fuck your male ass


yes, is true : pegging you or using a strapon to fuck your male ass, it giving Me so much pleasure : I get horny and sometime I even get a nice orgasm !

But My strapon slut is also, addicted forever to the way I take him from behind : once you been fucked by Mistress Luna, you will never hold back : you will just beg me for more ! I fuck your ass so good, I turn you into My strapon slut ! And that's the way shall be : Women rule !


My hubby sniff My sweaty feet in nylon


I had a long filming day, wearing over knee boots and now My feet are very sweaty ! My hubby will remove My boots and worship My tired feet in nylon. He is in heaven: smelling My stinky nylons !  He is kissing, licking and sucking My salty toes ….There is no bigger pleasure and honor for My hubby, than worshiping My feet ! 


Extreme humiliation


In acest clip vorbesc foarte mult in limba romana asa ca recomand tuturor fanilor si devotatilor Mei din tara sa cumpere acest clip! Nu veti regreta!

this is My accountant ...he keep disturbing me with different questions and pressing Me with deadlines ….so, I decide to show him where is his place! 

After I seduced him and bring him naked on his knees I will humiliate him so hard ...just to make sure, he never forget who is working for whom ! 

You will see, how I humiliate this pathetic creature and more important : you will see with how much passion and pleasure I do it ! 

I am getting horny when I slap his face, I spit on him and addressing him very dirty, humiliating words ! 

Some time I humiliate him in romanian language , just to hit him more ( because he is from My country aswell, humiliation is more efective in native speech) but, most of the time I speak in english ...and I am pretty sure you will love it! 

You will feel so embarrassed and humiliated but your cock will pulsate in your pants at the same time ...I garanty ! I know My power over males!


Double treat for My toilet slave


My good friend Nicole, was borrowing My slave, for an weekend and, stupid male, was suggesting Her, that he can give Her oral pleasure with his filthy tongue! When Nicole bring the slave back, She tell me about his rude proposal , so, I decide to give him a ,,leson,, to teach him and refresh his memory: he is just My toilet slave and he shall never ever again think tat his filthy tongue will touch anything beside our dirty assholes!

I thing a hot shower will ,,clean,, his mind better than anything!


Turning you into My sissy Part 5


My sissy is waiting Me, in the corner of the room , as usually, on his knees ! He is wearing nice pink dress but I decide to cut some holes in it, so I can play with his nipples ! I am wearing nice pantyhose and I tease Dolly a lot with it ! It seem, My idea of turning this pathetic male into a sissy, was excelent idea: he seem to feel much comfortable in his new ,,role,, and wearing pantyhose and pink dresses are giving him thrilling sensations and I am also pleased with Dolly ….I can have much fun, teasing, using, and humiliating My sissy ….because, he, as a male, with his tinny dick, he was totally useless ..

There are more episodes to come: to see genuine sequences from My ,,relation,, with Dolly !

I strongly recommend you , buy all the previous episodes as well, so you dont loose anything from our exciting ,, journey,, into a sissification of a submissive male! 


Kiss My boots


kissing My boots is natural way to greet your Mistress ! From kissing My boots, if I allow you, you begin worshiping My boots : as a symbol of devotion, submission and love to your Mistress! I love My red boots and I love seeing you, just like a good pet, licking and kissing it ….everything for My pleasure!



Dinner with your Owner, part.2


A good dinner is finish with a dessert, and what can be more sweet for My pet than My sweaty toes? After we had dinner together, you, as My pet, eating from the floor , near My table, at My feet , now I will give you My sweaty feet to worship !

I know, this is the best ,,dessert,, for you and I notice you are having an, I allow you to touch your little dicklet but you must cum until I finish counting to 10 ...Cum on My bare feet and than clean it with your tongue ! Good pet!


Dinner with your Owner


this evening I want you to take dinner with Me! I dont like eat alone! Yes, sit on the floor, on all four ..there at My feet ..I'll throw you food, leftovers from My plate and spitt when you thirsty ….What? - you thought you are going to sit at the table with Me ? Hahaha... silly boy! No, no, no: you are My pet, you sit at My feet and await for the food I give you ! ...I know, is humiliating isnt so? ..but your dicklet is erected … like to be My pet, to eat from the floor, My leftovers and My spit ...because you love Me and you are so willing to please me, to make Me happy … Maybe, maybe if you make me happy ...I will give you dessert … a good dinner it finish with dessert ...and what can be more sweet for My pet than My toes ? ( the dessert is coming in ,,Dinner with your Owner, part 2,,).


Arousing pantyhose


I want you worship My pantyhose : kneel and begin! Sniff My sweet sweaty feet in nylon perfume and after that you may start kissing it ! Are you having an erection? - I like that ….I encourage your erection by teasing your dick and your nipples with this silky touch pantyhose ...and yes, you can suck My toes in nylon …. worship Me and My arousing pantyhose: you are My slave forever! 


Slut position audition


Me together with My friends Mistress Ezada and Mistress Johanna, we want to find a ,,perfect slut,, slave for our FemDom party ! The slut slave shall be able to take the Mistresses cocks from behind and satisfy all their wishes regarding strapon play! We make an audition for ,, sluty slave position for party,, and it seem that finally, we find the perfect slut for our party! All of us three we test his ass using our strapon ….humiliating him and filling in all his holes …. 

We speak in english but also humiliate him verbally in our native language : romanian. 

Although is not easy, with 3 Dominant Ladies like us, the slave pass the audition and he receive the ,,sluty slave position for party,, !  


I only need your sperm


My best friend want to have a baby, but she can not have it with her husband due the medical issues! She ask Me to help her find a solution! When I first meet this male, sportive, intelligent and handsome, I decide to make a nice surprise for My girl friend: she will be very happy when I will give her fresh sperm from a healthy male – she will finally have her dreamt baby! I only want his sperm and of course, he can not say no, to Me !


Shoulders riding


this is another genuine sequence, without actors, without scripts or edits - just real life - from a Life-Style Domina, from my personal archive! It was filmed on a weekend in the mountains, in that weekend I used every day My human pony. The sequence is filmed by my cousin who accompanied us during this stay! It was excellent and very intensive riding day !


My good pet!


I have to make a phone call and My pet will worship My boots and clean the ash of the cigarette on the floor! I spit on the floor and he must lick, scramble the ashes out of My cigarette and again, he has to lick it ... and of course he have to lick and worship my Boots!

Sometimes he barks .. haha .. to amuse Me!

My pet makes everything I want and when I want: he's a good pet!


Guess the scent's owner!


 I and My dear friend Mistress Ezada, we have a mummified slave on a bench and we want to have fun using him ! We decide to ,,play a game,, to see if the slave can guess the owner of the arousing perfumes we are going to give him to sniff. We cover his eyes and his ears so he can not hear anything,  give him a gag from My worn pantyhose. Now he is ready: from all 5 senses he only have one ,,available,, : only his nose remain uncovered so he can smell.  We give him to sniff our ass and our sanctum covered in same pantyhose  Wolford Neon 40 Den. Our armpits and ofcourse our feet! 

He must indicate with his head to the left if it is Mistress Luna and to the right if it is Mistress Ezada ! 

To make it more fun for us and difficult for him, we cheat sometime ...making him even more confused !

Lets the game begin ….


Cock tease   


exercise your imagination and imagine, that you are now, fully mummified, layed on the bed, only your nose and your dick are free and, Me, wearing gorgeous stockings and arousing silk panties I am using you as an object for My pleasure and fun! 

I am sitting on your face, forging you to inhale the sweet perfume of My Sanctum and My ass , smother you face and tease your cock! you will call this?: - pleasure ? Or torture? 

I will call it ,,sweet torture,, ...endless edging your dick with My velvet touch hands ...I take you almost there ..where you are ready to explode and than I take My hand away and, to make sure I stop your ejaculation, I whip your erected cock or, I put ice on it ….

I tell you a sweet torture ...I love to see you like this, to use you to tease you to make you edge again and again and again ….until your brain is totally forgetting everything except ME THERE TEASING you ….again and again and again ... 


Turning you into My sissy, part.4


After interrogating My slave regarding his behavior during his long  period of traveling, milking him out and lock his little ,,shrimp,, in the chastity cage ( see Part.1) I was shaving his ass because I want to turn his ass into a ,pussy,, ( see Part. 2) than, we went to shopping to buy some ,,pink,, clothes for My ,,dolly,, (see Part.3) and now, I am giving My sissy an occasion to ,,release,, his balls ! 

Now dolly have turned into a sissy, she wear pink pantyhose, with pink dress and is waiting humble for My ,,attention,, !

Like all the time when I meet ,,dolly,, , I am wearing pantyhose : I like pantyhose but also, I know My sissy's strong fetish for it , so, wearing pantyhose, teasing him with My ass clad in nylon it make it much easier to educate him: he become a molding clay in My hands …

In this episode, I wear dark brown pantyhose, excellent color and My dolly already start to ,,oink, oink,, … After tease him a while, I start edging him and in the end I let him have an orgasm ...Ruined orgasm, naturally, what else do you thing? 


Double dildo in your ass


I want to check this strap-on slut to see how wide his pussy can open !

I have a thick double dildo and I want to fuck him with both ends of it at the same time : to make him feel how it is to be double penetrated by 2 big cocks at same time!

Before I start, I am spanking and flogging little bit his ass, to get a nice reddish color !

My slut it seem to be very well trained and her pussy can open wide, eating 2 cocks at same time ! Fucking this male ass with 2 cocks at the same time, it make Me horny….

I really love doing this ...emasculating him, turning him into a whore fucked by 2 cocks at same time …

I am really having a good time doing it !

Take a look and you will see My face, My eyes and My body language speaking for how horny I am when I use males in this way!


Riding in the forest


because I know you like to see genuine sequences, without actors, without scripts or edits - just real life - from a Life-Style Domina, I thought to give you this sequence from my personal archive!

It was filmed on a weekend in the mountains, in that weekend I used every day my ponyboy.

The sequence is filmed by my cousin who accompanied us during this stay!

I just love to ride males!


Toilet slave

This worthless man has to learn how to clean My toilet!

I give him a special gag brush and put it to work!

Obviously, he does not know how to do it and I have to show him: pushing his head in the toilet to clean it properly!

I like to humiliate him this way and I repeat, pushing his face in the toilet and flushing water ... long time ... just to humiliate him ... It's so thrilling for Me and humiliating for him!

After cleaning the toilet, he has to clean the bathroom furniture and ceramic tiles ...

I am pleased: finally I found the best position for this useless man: My toilet slave!

After all this work, it is time to reward it and what reward might be more appropriate in this case than My divine golden juice?




Nylon dream

I miss spending some quality time with you ! Just you and Me ! Yes My boy: take you position, down on your knees and look at Me! I am wearing gorgeous nylons with garter-belt and sexy corset ! I am very sexy and seductive, isn't? Yeah, I know! I have a purpose : I want to enslave you forever ! I saw you was sniffing  My dirty nylons and I know, I am going to make you My nylon bitch : addictive , helpless and weak against Me and My arousing nylon! Come My boy : I will show you everything your nylon addicted mind want to see , I will let you smell this arousing perfume of My sweaty feet in nylon and I will let you cum, after edging slowly for Me! From now, you don't need to hide your fetish from Me, but everything have a price : come and I will tell what is it! 


Whipped by 3 Goddesses


Together with Mistress Ezada and Mistress Johanna we had a great day of shooting!

We decided to end the exciting day with an extreme whipping for the slave because he have been very clumsy , he did not know how to serve Champagne and he was also often impolite when he addressed Us, for example: "- yeah!,, instead of "yes, Mistress!,,

You will see the pathetic creature being whipped with 35 lashes from each Lady! 

We all have very strong whips and none of Us hesitate to give him the most destructive hits!

This clip is not just about whipping!

It's about 3 Dominant Ladies who love to cause pain to their slaves!

Just take a look and see our facial expressions and eyes shimmering and,even more, Me and my friend, Mistress Ezada, We are really horny, seeing the suffering of the poor male!

I have to confess: My favorite scene in this video is where, Mistress Ezada and I are horny and kiss each other while Mistress Johanna beats the slave:  ICONIC SCENE!

What else can be more expressive about how Superior Women feel when they give pain to men?


Ignored foot boy


I traveled with My servant in Germany for a photo session.

He stayed with Me in the same hotel and served Me during My trip.

This clip is an authentic sequence from the evening before the shooting day.

I was checking My emails and doing My manicure as the servant only waited for My orders like a human rug at My feet!

Silent in order not to bother Me, this worthless man, waiting at My feet: if I have a desire or I need something he is just there to execute and so should be at your home, with your wife or girlfriend, because your role in this life is to serve Superior Women!



Bare feet reward


today I have been at shopping wearing My new gorgeous sandals. After a long walk My feet are very sweaty and tired! At the time I was at shopping, My slave stay home, cleaning in the house and doing the laundry ! Now I need My feet pampered and, for My slave, this is really a special reward! He is very diligent boy: cleaning every inch of My soles with his tongue and ofcourse, sucking each toe until the salty sweat gone! My armpits are also, wet : sweating a lot , so My slave is licking each armpit like a good boy !

To lick My sweat, from armpits and from My feet, it will always be a great and special ,,reward,, for My boys!


Beg Me for more


 I will have this boy all day in My dungeon and all I want is to drive him crazy tease him use and abuse him and repeat!

For the moment, and in this clip, he is immobilized on a chair, impossible to move legs or hands ! He don't know what I am going to do with him or how I am going to use him !

I begin with a short body inspection: checking his genitals and his nipples ...and I find out he have very sensitive nipples : is good to know, so I will use this each time I want to give him pain or arouse him.

A slave shall always worship his Mistress but in his position in the chair is nearly impossible for him to worship My boots so I order him to worship My ass clad in leather and not only!

The fun is just beginning for Me: the more the groaning of the slave grow in intensity, the more I am amused and I wish to give him more pain!

Well, I am having fun, is true, but for My slave, this is the first lesson of his slavery!

No matter how much pain I give him ...when I touch his dick, he is instantly getting hard, he learn: from now on, he is totally under My control: his dick is Mine! I control him and his dick and I use it as I like.

I can whip you to ...but when I touch your dick , he is getting hard for Me, instantly!

My hands can be so heavy and painful but also very soft and arousing … isn't that ,,magic,,?

My small beautiful hands can inflict so much pain and bring so much pleasure at same time !


Turning you into My sissy Part.3


After interrogating My slave regarding his behavior during his long period of traveling, milking him out and lock his little ,,shrimp,, in the chastity cage ( see Part.1) I was shaving his ass because I want to turn his ass into a ,pussy,, ( see Part. 2) and now, in this episode, you will see My slave is looking and behaving more and more like a sissy! I want to go out at shopping to buy a nice sissy dress and also a nice dress for ,,mommy,, !

Pantyhose and especially My ass clad in pantyhose, makes My ,,dolly,, so weak, so, I decided to try out some dresses ( motherly style – to put My slave into a deep mental submission as a sissy) and I will try dresses in front of him , so I can tease him each time I change the dress with My ass in nylon!

I will wear the dress that gets more ,,oink oink,, from My sissy ..

Are you curious to see what dress I decide to wear? …




Must take it from behind

today I'll fuck your ass: I will turn you into My strapon slut and do not worry if it's painful at first: in time, with practice, you will not feel the pain but just the pleasure: in fact, you will love My strapon so much that you'll beg Me for more, every time I take you from behind!

You belong to me and I will keep your dick forever in a cage of chastity: my aim is to make you ejaculate only by the hell, and if you have any doubts, I must tell you that I am very persistent and there are no glass ceilings, , in My life (as a loved friend of mine told me earlier).

Besides, I really like pegging you! it's like a beautiful dance: I'm leading the dance and you just follow my steps ... what a pleasure ...

Now, just take a deep breath and relax : I will turn you into My strap on bitch: weak and addicted addicted that wanking with out My cock in your ass will be like salt-free will never feel pleasure again, if My cock isn't take you from behind!





Mat pantyhose worship


Today I been at Spa, and now I feel so relax and good.

My slave is serving Me Champagne and strawberries .

It may be the Spa effect plus the Champagne – but I feel horny and I will use My slave for My pleasure! He know he is here for My pleasure and he must follow My orders exactly, other ways, I will lock him in the small cage and leave him there until I will be in mood to apply corporal punishment!

I wear mat satin black pantyhose- extraordinary touch on the skin : luxurious, arousing extravagant – makes Me feel even more horny!

After I get My pleasure using My ,,sexual toy,, I reward My boy: I give him to eat one strawberry, but not ,,any,, strawberry but one special: I had put My orgasm juice on it ..mmm delicious , isnt ? 




Double used


My dear friend Mistress Ezada got a new smothering chair and invite Me to try it! We have My slave lying on the floor, with his hands tied and his, head, locked in the smothering chair. He is a lucky male : to be used and face seated by two sexy Superior Ladies like us …

We sit on his face with our gorgeous bottoms clad in leather and tease his locked dick!

But having Mistress Ezada so close to Me, touching Her and smelling Her perfume it make Me more eager to ,,make love,, with Her instead of giving any attention to the pathetic male ...and, She feel the same!

Now the slave can only hear our kisses and feel our horny perfumes ...we forget about him, useless creature , we are so busy touching each others and kissing......



Turning you into my sissy, part 2


in ,,Turning you into my sissy.part.1, I had  interrogate My slave regarding his behavior during the traveling time and teased him with My ass clad in nylons! Then I had gave him permission to empty his balls, and I had put him in chastity device  for his coming ,,transformation,, !  This episode you will see, another step forward on turning him into my sissy! His hairy disgusting ass, must be transformed into a ,,pussy,, so I remove all his hair, to let his ass clean and ready for play! All sissy boys shall remove the hair at their ,,clit and pussy,, ! Now with his hairless ass My slave, is more prepared to become My sissy and ofcourse, I dont forget to tease him a little bit, with My ass in nylons! Next episode, you will see the next step into a ,,turning you in My sissy,, - buying women cloth for you!   


Fuck your ass with My high heels


your heart is start beating faster and your dick get hard when you see Me : so sexy and dominant, wearing a very high heels platform sandals ! I have you at My feet, and you are eager to please Me, to get My attention in any way ! I decide I want to fuck you with My high heels, or even better : I will smoke and I will look at you how you fuck your self with My high heels ! I like to humiliate males – and this task I give you, is quite thrilling! When finish fucking your ass with My high heels, dont live the dirty condom on My floor - you must chew it !


Eat from the floor


after a night in cage, My slave is thirsty and hungry ! I always take care of My pets so, its time to feed him! He will eat natural yogurt from the floor – he must lick it all , and from time to time, to make his food more tasty, I spit in it. This male must be grateful for the privilege of licking My spit and  smelling My pee! Males must learn to be humble and serve Superior Women!  


Cover your dick in nylon and jerk it


My slave have a strong fetish for pantyhose, especially intensive worn pantyhose, impregnated with sweaty feet scent. He want I give him My pantyhose, to worship it over the night ….because I wear them so long, they are wet from sweat and smell very arousing for him. I agree to give him the pantyhose, but he must cover his dick in nylons, jerk in it and cum in it. Only if he do as I say, he will receive My worn pantyhose ! 


Handjob for an impotent


I give my slave the chance to have an orgasm and he destroyed it! He destroyed his chance, not the orgasm! Why? - because he is impotent! I put the dick back in chastity and the next chance for an orgasm after 60 days!


My pantyhose_your addiction


I wear a very shiny 40 Den pantyhose. I was shopping and after a long walk in high heels, My feet sweat in the nylon. My boy was waiting for me, humble in his knees: he knew his waiting would be rewarded!

His addiction is My pantyhose, especially nylon sweat feet! I also have an addiction: shopping - yes, I like to do shopping .. but what women do not do? So, we are in "symbiosis": his dependence is perfect for My addiction!

Now I'm going to smoke a cigarette and let my boy enjoy his "reward"!


I use males as I like


Women shall rule and male shall obey – it is the natural rule! I use males as I like: human carpet, footstool or cleaning My boots while I smoke or make a phone call! Whenever and however I like , My slave shall perform the tasks I give him! I even use him for My pleasure : he is giving Me oral, trough the leather pants – although I can feel his tongue on My clit, he can not really touch My Sanctum with his ,,inferior,, tongue ! My boy is well trained and he is struggling to please Me,he is  grateful is not just another useless male creature! 


Payback for cheating your wife Part2


what else would be more appropriate for a male who cheats his wife than to have his dick locked forever? My girlfriend asked for My help and I decide to ruin her hubby orgasm and put him in chastity belt. The key is with Me and I will hand it to his wife personally! Welcome to your new life: from now on you will be the best hubby: you will never be cheating on your wife again and you will never use your disgusting dick to fuck a women !


Payback for cheating your wife Part1


I have a surprise for My girlfriend who complained last week that her husband was cheating on her. Her beloved husband is now helpless and mummified under My feet. He can do nothing but listen to My conversation and smell My feet in nylon. He understands that his wife and I plan together his "future" as a husband and a man! You will see what his wife has decided in the next episode!


The best strapon fuck that ever been

 Many of you, know already that pegging, strapon or ass play are on My ,,Like,, list ! I love the empowering feeling when I turn My boys into My strapon bitches! The pleasure is all the way: mentally, emotionally and physically ...yes, I get physically excited and some time, I can even have an orgasm only by pegging a boy! Well, this time, was one of those ,,times,,! I love taking this boy from behind and honestly, I cant wait to meet him again next week and make him cry of happiness again, when I will fuck his ass …

I bet, once you will see this video-clip, you will wish to have your ass abused by Me too, and your dreams will be about Me fucking your ass!


Introduction to ass-play


you are fascinated by Female Domination and you know how important is pegging or ass-play for this kind of relation! Me and My dear friend Mistress Ezada,we believe that all males must accept and understand why they should become our bitches!

This video is a very precious lesson for virgin boys and not only, who want to learn why Dominant women like pegging and how we train our boys for it!

Many years of experience behind Mistress Ezada and Me, will offer you practical and priceless information regarding how to prepare physically and emotionally for ass-play!

Follow our directions and you may start your own anal-play training right now! No matter how inexperienced you are; this video will offer you a complete and detailed lesson!


Sounding handjob


Teasing My slave with sounds in his dick ...he shall feel ,,penetrated,, by his Mistress not only anal, but also in his cock! I am using 2 different models and size of sounds. I like how the cock feels when have the sound inside and give handjob !


Turning you into My sissy Part 1


My slave been away for 3 weeks and the conjuncture of his business traveling it had make it impossible to wear chastity ! Now he is back to his ,,mommy,, ! I know My slave attraction to pantyhose, pink tutu and women shoes so I decide to transform him into My sissy , forever! In this episode you will see, how I interrogate him regarding his behavior during the traveling time and tease him with My ass clad in nylons! I give him permission to empty his balls, to put him in chastity device for his coming ,,transformation,, ! Next episode you will see, another step forward on turning him into My sissy!


Sniffing My smelly stockings


Mummified: totally helpless at My wish ! All you can do is to receive whatever I want to give you ! And now, I want to give you My feet in nylon, very wet and smelly , to sniff it! I am teasing you and I enjoy it! To be a good boy is your only choice....hoping for your Mistress mercy! 



Smell and cum on My sweaty pantyhose


 I had wearing the boots all day with 40 Den pantyhose, and My feet are now, very sweaty and smelly! After 30 days of chastity, I will let My boy to cum! I know now is the time to use his ,,urge,, in My advantage, to make him eat his sperm and knowing that his last orgasms was only ruined, I let him choose : he can have an orgasm but he must eat his sperm after, or, ruined orgasm like always! 

He choose what I've expected: orgasm with cleaning after! 

Smell My sweaty pantyhose, rub his cock and clean everything with his tongue. After that, kiss My feet for ,thank you,, and back in chastity device! 

I always get what I want and boys are so easy to direct them on the way I like, once they get in in My hands!


Ruined with huge cumshot


Is time to ruin your orgasm , after many days without permission to masturbate ! Here you are: I give you a gag made from My dirty panties and I cover your head completely in My worn pantyhose – so you will be intoxicated by My arousing perfumes ! If I am pleased with the amount of sperm you shot out from your balls, I will give you the pantyhose to keep you company during the long night in a cold cage!


Human ashtray


I had visiting Mistress Ezada and we had enjoy a cigarette while chatting a bit! There is no ashtray in the house: no need of it, when we have the slave ! We use him as a human ashtray : giving this male a chance to be useful for 2 Superior Ladies! 


Dinner ends with My sweaty nylons


That day, I had wear high heels and 15 Den nude nylons . Was sunny day and I had walk a lot with My slave, visiting a museum and had a dinner at a nice place! However, although I had coffee and Tiramisu at the end of the dinner , for My slave,  dinner doesn't end yet.. 

We arrived home and I gave him My sweaty feet in nylons to worship! He was sniffing, kissing and sucking each toes, getting intoxicated by the powerful aromas of My feet in nylons ! And instead of Tiramisu, he get few delightful minutes, sniffing My ass and Santcum, through the arousing nylons. I  assure you: the perfume was overwhelming, as I don't wear panties under My pantyhose! 


Cock and balls torture, Part 1


 The title say it all! From time to time, a man's genitals must be "tortured," so he remembers that they are useless. As long as I am the boss, his genital organs are totally useless, and more, it creates problems distracting him from his tasks and from the pattern of behavior that I have imposed. Perhaps 90% of the mistakes it makes is due to the unfavorable influence of these genitals ... even if I care to keep them under the key.

I like to use all kind of technics : from stretching the ball to maximum until they get blue, hitting the balls and cock with the riding croup, scratching, twisting and so on. My imagination is going ,,,endless,, when is about finding a way to give pain !


Human bench for My round ass


 I am using My slave as a human bench and also as a human ashtray , because I want to smoke! For this male, to have the occasion to be under My ass, to inhale My arousing intimate perfume is similar with ,,touching Nirvana,, - he describe it using this words ! I believe him ! Especially, today, when I sit on his face wearing a luxurious 20 Den nylons, which give unique touch feel and especially, very unique and arousing scents mixture!


Males must be humble


 Males are born to serve and make women happy! It is their fate, to struggle for Our attention ! My males must be humble : submit and follow My directions! Tonight I am going out for a nice dinner with My girl friends! I tell My slave, that he is going to wait in his cage and before I go, I allow him a little ,,cherish ,, moment: he can kiss My shoes while I talk at phone . Before I go, I let him sniff inside My shoes , so he can compare , later when I will be back home ! He will get My sweaty shoes to sniff it all night in his cage ...that's all his ,,treat,, ! His dick remain locked all time! 


you could sniff My foot while lying down


 worship My feet is not a duty, or task or work for My slaves! Worship My feet is a reward ! Only those proving to be worthy, receive the privileged position under My bare feet and have permission to touch! You looser, you could only lye down on the floor under My feet and sniff them! Dont touch it! Show Me you worth it!


Thank Me for fucking your ass


Every Friday, My slave is lying to his wife that he's going to the gym when he actually come to Me, crawling on his knees and begging Me to tear his ass with My big dick!

Although he has a leading position and everyone in the office is waiting for his decisions, he is my humble slave: addicted on My domination, and above all, on my giant strap-on!

Nobody knows that this dandy guy who orders in the office is My dirty bitch that I fucked in all the positions!

But he knows: He knows that without Me and My big dick, he is lost!

So every week My male bitch sneaks and comes to his Mistress: nobody fucks him in the ass as good as I do and nobody treats him as he deserves: like a real slut loving big dick in the ass!

And something else: he has to pay big sums of money to receive My big dick. The bigger the dick, the more he pays!

Who is the boss actually?


Cum on My boots


I order him to fuck My boots! He must fuck My boots, cum over them and clean his dirty sperm with his tongue ! Make My boots shiny again ! Looking him, how he struggle to ejaculate with his cock between My gorgeous boots make Me want to humiliate him even more, to remind him how useless, dirty, pathetic and inferior he is : slap his face, spitting on him and verbally humiliate him until he have his disgusting cock ejaculating on My boots!


Shinny nylons


 I can do whatever I want with you ! I want you to be My human rug : just lay there down, under My sweaty feet in nylon ! You can stay there and take a look at My feet while I smoke a cigarette! It is frustrating for such a nylon bitch like like , but you are here to do exactly as I say and please Me ! Maybe I will let you jerk off sniffing My nylons , or maybe, I will tease you more with this shiny sexy pantyhose … Bring your pantyhose and let's see, what we get from combining a sexy legs, shiny pantyhose, round bottom , teasing, demanding orders and a horny pantyhose bitch like you !  


Huge strapon for you


after 30 days in chastity , My sissy is hoping will get a permission to have an orgasm! I am giving her one chance: can have an orgasm but only if is coming from My strap on ! And today , I will use a special strap on: really huge one ! Lets see is this pathetic creature can get an orgasm with out touching her dick , only from fucking his ass with My huge strap on!


Barefoot addiction


I know you like feet! Come closer, kneel and take a look! Look at My fine legs and My feet in sandals! My skin is so smooth , feels like silk and smell so good! I will remove the socks so you can admire My bare feet ! Yes, I know, you love to see My bare feet and My soft soles …. I will let you rub your cock between My soles but you must lick your cum from My feet after ! I know you can not refuse : your addiction is so strong ! Your addiction was feet but from now your addiction will be Mistress Luna's feet! 


Nylon worship lesson


I want My sweaty , stinky feet in nylons to be worshiped by My slaves. No matter if they adore nylon or feet or both : I am their Owner , they adore Me and everything coming from Me! In order to be pleased with their worship, they must learn how I like to be worshiped My feet in nylon!


Footjob and ruined orgasm


This time I want to milk you out with My beautiful feet. I am feeling benevolent today and I might let you have a real orgasm ! If you cum with footjob you are allowed to enjoy your orgasm but, you have a limited time for it ! If you dont cum with My feet, I will just empty your balls like always: ruining your orgasm ! You only have this chance ….next time I empty your balls will be next month , so better use the occasion! 


Males are our slaves

Men submitting to women is natural and secretly desired by all the men. I am using My slave as I like and he is always trying to please Me and execute as I expect ! This slave is in chastity for 28 days. I intend to let him ,,relieve,, his balls but as always, our meeting start first with worshiping My boots ! I am cleaning My boots with his tongue while I smoke and ofcourse use him as a human ashtray. After I smoke and have fun teasing him , I will permit him having an orgasm but in My conditions ! But this, in 2th part.


Lick My soles

For My boys, licking My soles and worship My bare feet is a ,,heaven,, ! What other way to show their gratitude for being owned by Me, than this? And what reward is more valuable for them to show them that I am pleased ? If you are a footboy, and not only, you must see this clip and I assure you, by the end of the clip, you will be enslaved by My baby soft soles and crave for it!


Double whipped

Punishment is necessary to reinforce the desired behavior! When a slave make mistakes we administer punishment. Today, the slave receive double whipping! He will be whipped by Me and My friend Mistress Ezada!


Premature ejaculation

this pathetic creature was locked in chastity for 30 days and today I want to milking him! Because I want to make it more ,,interesting,, for Me, I attach a pedometer to My hand, so when I give him a hand job, I can measure the strokes until he come. He is clearly instructed by Me: if he cum before I reach 100 strokes, I am pleased but if he cum after one 100 strokes, he will receive a punishment: one whip for each stroke over 100 . 

I have miscalculating: this pathetic worthless male, he suffer of premature ejaculation : just touch him and he cum ...I wasn't even aware of it ...I check the pedometer, and he cum on 32 strokes ...what a looser! 

Tell Me, you little wanker: you on how many strokes cum?

I will punish him for this: 60 days in chastity and 64 hard whips on his bottom ( 2 whip for each stroke). You may see the punishment in the next episode!


500 strokes to cum

You love nylons and especially My shiny pantyhose : to see My ass and legs clad in this shiny nylon it arouse you and make you want to jerk for Me. But before you start, I want to give you a task : you are My nylon bitch, and your aim is to please me , isnt?

The task is to edge for Me before cumming, but, not edging as you want ! Edging how I say ! I am teaching you exactly how I like you edge for Me and what ,,items,, I want you use to remind you who is your Owner and how weak you are for My shiny nylons!

500 strokes – this is the number ! You can cum only after counting 500 strokes! How to count ? I'll teach you!


Pegging you

Your cock is locked in chastity cage from a while ..and it will stay like this much longer ! I want to train you get pleasure from fucking your ass , with out removing the cage ! I will make you My bitch and fuck your ass ! Don't worried: it will hurt a bit at the beginning, but you will get familiar with it and better learn how to get pleasure from My meaty cock because this will be the only pleasure you, bitch will be allowed to!


Hubby is My slave- Pleasure just for Me

I had a nice dinner out with My hubby and some friends. Once we return home, I order My hubby to bring Me one glass of red wine, as I am in good mood and I want to have an orgasm before I go in bed. My hubby is in chastity from 20 days, and he have more 13 days to go, before he can get any ,,relieve,, ! But I know, when he is aroused his cock and balls become more painful and this is giving me a great satisfaction. So when I give him My sweaty feet to sniff it, kiss it, lick it I know he is ,,suffering,, down there in the cage ...and, because I want him suffer more , and I want an ,,explosive ,, orgasm for Me, I let him worship My ass ...haha ..I know My ass it make him so weak ...he can not resist and I know, his next 14 days in chastity will be very ,,painful,, and long days ...all he get until that , will be the perfume of My ass on his lips !


Humiliated for his tiny dick

I have been invited by My friend Mistress Ezada Sinn to film together at House of Sinn location! We had a great time, using and abusing her slave ,,nully,, ! In this clip you will see how we humiliate him laughing at his little pathetic dick and of course using our gorgeous high heels to inflict pain on his body!


At your first meeting with your Mistress 1

Is your first time meeting your Mistress. If you are going to be My slave, first thing I want you to learn is to recognize your Mistress from her body smell, just like a know his Owner, from the smell!

Now, you can smell My hair and neck , learn My perfume ..yes...after that, you must learn how My armpits smell ...we go down, and you shall smell My pussy and My ass ..yess, take a deep breath and memorize this sweet scents of My intimate parts!

At the end, but not less important: you must learn the perfume of My feet! Yes, sniff My feet in nylons, just like a good puppy!

I know you love this ,,ritual,, and you will like to smell more , isn't? In fact you want it so much that you accept anything I am going to ask you to do for Me, yes?

I know your answer will be ,,-yes, Mistress!,,

So, I am going to cover your eyes, just for 2 minutes , until I am getting ready to show you a ,,surprise,, I prepare for you!

The surprise in in the part 2.


At your first meeting with your Mistress 2


You promise Me, that you will do anything I want , for Me, for letting you smell more My pussy and My ass!

Now, you can open your eyes : you see the surprise ? I have a nice black cock and I am going to fuck your ass now!

You can not refuse now, and stop mumbling , you better open your mouth and start sucking My cock , make it ready for your ass, bitch!

After you suck it good, I will fuck you so good ….you will see, it will be a bit painfull at the beginning but by the end, you will like it !

After I fuck you, if I am pleased with your ,,pussy,, I will let you smell more of My pussy and ass ! And yes, you can stroke your cock for Me, but, with one condition: you must ruin your orgasm, for Me .

Now, you are Mine, I enslaved you forever!


At your first meeting with your Mistress 1

Is your first time meeting your Mistress. If you are going to be My slave, first thing I want you to learn is to recognize your Mistress from her body smell, just like a know his Owner, from the smell!

Now, you can smell My hair and neck , learn My perfume ..yes...after that, you must learn how My armpits smell ...we go down, and you shall smell My pussy and My ass ..yess, take a deep breath and memorize this sweet scents of My intimate parts!

At the end, but not less important: you must learn the perfume of My feet! Yes, sniff My feet in nylons, just like a good puppy!

I know you love this ,,ritual,, and you will like to smell more , isn't? In fact you want it so much that you accept anything I am going to ask you to do for Me, yes?

I know your answer will be ,,-yes, Mistress!,,

So, I am going to cover your eyes, just for 2 minutes , until I am getting ready to show you a ,,surprise,, I prepare for you!

The surprise in in the part 2.


Slave girl sniffing My nylons

My slave girl was little rude lately and I decide to ,,put her back on the track ,, ! I have in My mind some corporal punishment but also some humiliation, to show Her who is the ,,leader,, and where is her place! This clip you will see her, in all four, wearing My collar and leash, kissing My high heels and after removing it, she will be kissing sniffing My feet in nylons while, I am having a glass of wine! She clearly understand who is in charge here!


Drink water from My feet

After a very long ride on My pony on a very beautiful stiff mountain I feel My feet getting very sweaty and warm inside the riding boots so I decide to take a small break near a spring -water . My pony is exhausted and thirsty! After removing My riding boots and sweaty stinky nylons, he must first kiss and lick My feet ! After he worship properly My tired stinky feet I give him water to drink from My feet: I put My feet in the  refreshing spring water and he must suck and lick it all from My toes and bare soles! I am very pleased with My pony boy , he prove to be not only a resistant and strong enough pony to carry his Mistress on shoulders on the stiff mountain but also a very obedient and devoted foot boy ! He adore his Owner!


Sniff My stinky nylons

I had a long walk today ! I  wore this sexy Wolford pantyhose and high heels! My feet are very sweaty and the nylons got very strong perfume from it! Now My slave will be ,,rewarded,, for his behaving : I will give him My stinky feet in nylon : to sniff it and worship ...he will have to suck My feet in pantyhose until the smell of the sweat disappear! But of course, this is a ,,delicious task,, for this nylons bitch! 



My hubby is My slave- Worship My ass

My hubby is the most lucky man: he is married with Me ! Along our long marriage ( 17 years) I train and shaped him into My best slave! Do not understand wrong: he is only slave of his wife ( that's Me) but on the ,,outside,, world he is strong and authoritative man, ruling his business and earn money for Me! I know many man dream to be married with a Dominant Lady and unfortunately, for many of them, this remain only a dream. That's why I am starting this series ,,My hubby is My slave,, where I will show you from time to time, genuine scenes from our ,,marriage,,.

After I had whipping My hubby I am getting aroused : it is always happen when I use the whip ! So I need satisfaction, and My hubby is willing to please Me, like always! He will worship My ass, just like a good hubby as he is!



Ruined and humiliated!

I ruin your orgasm, Again ! I love it! But this time, I want to ,,reward,, you and your obedience: I will prepare a very special and delicious cocktail just for you ! Is called ,, lucky slave,, cocktail! Yes, you are a lucky slave to receive such a special attention from Mistress Luna.


Only edge for Me

I teach this slave how to edge for Me. To tease him I give him My sweaty nyloned feet to and My round bottom to sniff it ! I like so much when a man is getting hard like steel and don't cum, only edge ! How long can you edge for Me while watching this clip?



Submit yourself

Crawl little guy, come closer and watch Me: dangerous seductress, I crush your pride, destroy your confidence and shatter your heart !! I am the Fem Fatal of your wild dreams! Look at Me, My curvy body, My round voluptuous ass, My lighting eye!!! Submit yourself and pray on your knees to receive the privilege of licking My soles! I will make you suffer, I will humiliate you, I will use you for the most inferior task , I will turn you into My pleasure puppet I will make you My pet !


Cold day for training

It was a very cold winter day but I like the snow and I like to take a walk with My slave to enjoy the nature and fresh air. I wear My fur , My boots but My slave is wearing only a T-shirt : is a part of his training ! I want to smoke and I use My slave as a human ,bench,, and after that I want to have fun using My slave in a snow. So I throw him an wooden stick and he must run in all four like a puppy, to bring it back to Me ! I laugh a lot and have good time, while My puppy is running in the snow for Me. At the end of this I ask him to do push-ups so he don't freeze : but , because I am ,,mean,, I push him with My high heeled boots so, the push-ups become almost impossible for him and he simply collapse with his face in the snow. All in all, I had such a great time and My puppy was struggling to make Me happy and yes, he succeed : I was pleased!


My hubby is My slave part2



My hubby is the most lucky man: he is married with Me ! Along our long marriage ( 17 years) I train and educated him into My best slave! Do not understand wrong: he is only slave of his wife ( that's Me) but on the ,,outside,, world he is strong and authoritative man, ruling his business and earn money for Me! I know many man dream to be married with a Dominant Lady and unfortunately, for many of them, this remain only a dream. That's why I am starting this series ,,My hubby is My slave,, where I will show you from time to time, genuine scenes from our ,,marriage,,.

Part. 2 – after I had My hubby worshiping My sweaty feet in nylon in Part.1 , I use the toilet to pee , but I pee with out removing My panties, trough the material of it. I don't use toilet paper to clean My pussy – I have My hubby for this!

After he clean with his tongue I give him a juicy gag made from the panties I pee through, tide back his hands in his straitjacket and let him wait for another hours in this prison room.


My hubby is My slave part1



My hubby is the most lucky man: he is married with Me ! Along our long marriage ( 17 years) I train and educated him into My best slave! Do not understand wrong: he is only slave of his wife ( that's Me) but on the ,,outside,, world he is strong and authoritative man, ruling his business and earn money for Me! I know many man dream to be married with a Dominant Lady and unfortunately, for many of them, this remain only a dream. That's why I am starting this series ,,My hubby is My slave,, where I will show you from time to time, genuine scenes from our ,,marriage,,.

Part. 1 – I decide to go out for shopping, to spend some of My dear hubby moneys. I told him My intention and ordered him to kneel in the bed room. He was allowed to watch while his wife get dress for shopping. After that I take him to the cell-room, give him a straitjacket , latex hood, blinders, and lock him with a heavy chain. Now he must wait until I am back. In this clip you will see, what happened when I came-back from the shopping.

I am a nice and caressing wife to him: first he kiss My shoes, to thank Me for spending his money, then I give him My shoes to sniff it . Imagine how delicious for him, after I had a long walk! Next, he will sniff My feet in nylon, kiss and suck it : he really love the sweet juice of My feet in nylon after long walk : he is in Heaven now ! After having My feet in nylon properly worshiped, I give him to smell My pussy : it smell so arousing after many hours of walking and sweating, with out shower! He adore My pussy smell : it is the perfume that enslaved him forever, it is his medicine : give him strength and happiness! So, dont you thing that I am very nice and sweet wife to My hubby?

After all this ,,arousing,, treatment for My hubby ...I decide to go one step further, and because felt the need to pee I decided...but, that's in the part. 2

I will upload the part.2 , tomorrow!


Footjob to ruin your orgasm

This slave is in chastity from 22 days, which is his longest period to be locked until now. Because I am pleased with his ,,work,, - he had showering Me with gifts and also do computer work for Me, I decide it to milk him out. He is having a fetish for feet and footjob is his great fantasy but what dont know yet, is that I will ruin his orgasm ...because pleasure is just for Mistress!


Toilet slavery

I turned you into my toilet slave! Now you're my toilet seat: stay calm and eat everything I give you! My farts are "therapy" for you and My urine is the most delicious champagne. Test it!


Hubby suffer for My pleasure

My hubby is loving Me so much , he is the most devoted , obedient loyal and hard working slave ! The meaning of his life is to make his wife happy! I don't need reason to ,,punish,, My hubby: I like to give him pain and what is making Me happy is making him happy , even it is sometime very painful! Beside this, all males need from time to time to be put back on track and remember who is the leader ! In this clip see how I am having fun, lots of laughing, while I give My hubby terrible pain: first, spanking with My bare hands , to warm him up, second, a leather belt, then the leather flog and at the end, just because I love My bullwhip, I give him some strokes with that too! No male is ,,safe,, around Me when I am in cruel mood but I know, you too love My dark side !


My feet are delicious

My feet are delicious and when you will see this clip, you will drool a lot , wishing you was the one licking, sucking and eating cream from My feet while I have My coffee!  

Jerk it for My boots

Is very simple: you are My boots boy and today, when I wear this gorgeous golden boots, I want to see you worshiping them! Use your tongue, suck and lick until I'll tell you is enough! Today I want you jerk your dick, for My golden boots! But you only have one chance: must cum same time with Me!

Bathing before party!

This clip was filmed before My birthday party. Real, authentic shooting: no scenarios, no actors! Only Me with My servant helping Me in the bathroom. If you are a fan of a Lifestyle Domina's and you like to take a look at real life sequences, this clip is best suited!

Pantyhose makes you weak

No matter how strong you are, how strong your social position is, how big the business or the team you are leading, when it comes to pantyhose, you become so weak and helpless! You can not stand before Me when I show you my sweaty pantyhose! Your first impulse is to kneel down to smell and kiss My feet in the nylon. But it's fine, I will not reveal your secret! And I also love the pantyhose and the knowledge of your secret empowers Me, and that's very exciting for me! I will use your weakness for the nylons, for My pleasure, I will use it against you, to tease you, and deny you! I will enslave you with My nylons! And though you know I will use it against you, you will not make a single step back - you just want to stay under My nyloned feet, be My footstool and worship My pantyhose hoping it will last for eternity! Smell it, My little slave, suck it and lick it, ... I love to get a new slave in My harem!

Nylon slut edging for Me

I love teasing you and I know how big is your,,love,, for pantyhose ! Today I am wearing very special pantyhose and I will teach you how to edge for Me. I will let you admire My gorgeous ass in this sexy thighs, I will give you smell My sweaty feet in nylon, I will give you a very generous,, view of My pussy underneath pantyhose ...all you must do is : kneel and follow My orders ..I take care of the rest ! Promise you, I will be merciless and very mean ...but you must show Me a lot of precum dripping from your dick !


Suck My sweaty toes

After the cycling, I sweat a lot! Kneel and do what I order : first smell and lick My armpits, than, remove My socks , smell it, and than use it as a gag, sucking all the sweaty juice from it. After you must worship and clean My stinky feet: suck each toe, one by one, don't let any drop of sweaty juice to be lost ! After you clean My feet with your tongue, you bury your face into My stinky sport shoes and sniff it until I am back 


Facesitting fun

I like to use you for My pleasure and for My fun! I tied you on the bed and your head is transformed into a jumping ball under My gorgeous round ass ! Smothered under My ass it is ofcourse a great privilege for a creature like you ! So just take a deep breath and be grateful . Mistress Luna is having fun sitting on your silly face!


Your dick is useless


His dick is so small that make Me laugh every time I look at it ..hahaha..and he think he can ,,offer Me pleasure,, ! Well, I teach him how he can offer Me pleasure : just by holding in his mouth My gorgeous vibrating dildo! As a reward for being such a good ,,lover,, I let him worship My sweaty feet in nylon!


Secretary punishment


Everyone knows how important it is not 

to make mistakes when writing a contract: a single misspelled or missing word can completely change the meaning of a contract, so My secretary must be punished at once when I find mistakes in an important contract. She must learn to focus! So I punish her by asking her to read the contract loudly as I give her some spanking to the naked ass, filled with a few strokes with a plastic ruler. In the end, before sending her to rewrite the contract, I order her to smell My sweaty feet in nylon and to worship it by kissing and licking them - so to remember who is the boss in this office!


You are My sissy

Yes, you are My sissy ! Get in your pantyhose, knell and do what I say! Look at your pathetic little dick dripping inside your pantyhose! I make you feel so weak, addicted and willing to please Me ! Start by sniffing My sweaty nyloned feet ..and after, you must stick your nose between My buttocks and sniff ...breath this arousing mixture of scents: nylons with My intimate parts ! Is your dick  reacting? Yes, of course it is, unless you are an impotent sissy ! I tell you what: I'll let you masturbate and ejaculate but you must do it as I say: first you must rub your dick, like girls rubbing their clit, through the nylons ...yes, like this rub it like a girl, My sissy...and than, you cover your erected dick with the nylon of pantyhose and rub it like this...yes, now your dick have a nice, glove, made from the arousing nylon...Cum on this nylons, yes, like that! And now, you must lick every drop of your sperm , clean those nylons with your tongue ...yes, good ! Do it for me! You are My sissy! 


Eat from My red boots

I get a new pair of red boots! Now I want you to worship My boots! Kneel and start using your tongue properly! Lick every inch of My sexy boots, you lucky boy! I love to see how you are struggling to follow My orders and to please Me, so here is a task for you: you will have to eat those grapes from the floor and from My boots ...I start whipping you with My bullwhip and I will not stop before you finish eat , so, eat faster, clean the floor and clean My boots ...or it will be very painful for you ! Good boy!


You must lick your cum

,,I am letting you to cum on My nylons but you must lick all ! ,,-that what I told My slave when I film this clip ! And, take a look at me : you think you would not accept the ,,deal,, ?  Because I like to play and have fun using My slaves , I am having good time also with this one: teasing him, giving him a footjob with My nyloned feet...I am driving him crazy so, in the end, he accept everything from Me, in exchange of permission to cum! 

And a task for you, My devoted followers: I would like if you, also, when watch the clip, have a pair of pantyhose, cum on it and than lick it ! Well, if you never done it before, at least try, for Me ! 



Under My ass

A very hot clip, if you ask me and you know why? Because I had 3 orgasms during the filming of this clip ... yes, it's true! Take a look at the clip and you will understand why: I have this mummified slave, helpless at My Mercy and I use it for My pleasure and My fun: giving it My nylon foot to smell and kiss, dying him with My ass and pussy. ..transforming him into a ,, toy ,, ... I was literally, getting wet and had orgasm ... and at the end I ruined his orgasm ... How agonizing and pleasant in the same time can be for a male to be so helpless in My hands, under My ass !!



Eat from the floor and lick My shoes

A humble and obedient slave must always struggle to please his Mistress ! I want My sexy high heels to be properly worshiped and while My slave use his tongue to shine My shoes, I get an idea  to ,,humiliate,, him and remind him once again, where is his place- so I give him to eat from the floor ! He must eat all, and leave the floor clean : clean it with his tongue ! Because I am pleased, I reward him : sniffing My foot in nylon and sucking My toes it the best ,,treat,, for My slave! 


Nipples whipping

I am in cruel mood so I will give this lucky male, some pain. Because he have very big nipples , I decide to whip his nipples ...Look at him, how he is struggling and moaning pain..hahaha...I am having such a good time when I see this pathetic creature is suffering !

Teasing session

Why: ,,teasing,,? - because I tease you a lot during this clip; Why ; ,,session,, ? - because is almost 15 min. and because I film this clip having in My mind, those boys who want to have a session with Me, but distance or other inconvenience, make this impossible in real. In this ,,session,, I want you to lock your dick ! So, go on, lock your dick before ! I am going to be such a nice Mistress with you: I will show you and I will let you sniff, smell, lick – but only with one condition: to keep your dick in chastity ! I love to see your dick locked, dripping trough it's cage ….Are you ready for session ? - Than, chastity on, go on your knees and let's start : all you have to do is to follow My orders and do as I say !

Ruined again

I want to go shopping and I remember I call this slave today to clean My house and to milk him out after 30 days in chastity – so , I am going to ruin his orgasm, put him back in chastity and let him naked ( I lock his clothes away) to clean My house until I am back from shopping! Of course I will use his card for shopping and he thank Me for that! Although I am in hurry to shopping, I want him to edge a while before cumming ...which of course is not easy task, after 30 days in chastity ! My hand is ,,irresistible ,, and soon, his orgasm is ruined always..ha ha.. Time to go shopping now!

Ass worship

Yes, today you will worship My gorgeous ass ! Go on your knees and take a look at My bottom: this round and generous ass that make you crazy ...yes, you may start worship it: kiss My buttocks and then you may lick it your dick reacting? - that's good, because I want you start jerking it for Me. Now you stick your nose between My round buttocks ...sniff it...oh this … sniff it and jerk .. This is making you addictive, you dream everyday to sniff and smell this gorgeous ass ...this Full Moon of Mistress Luna

Oral servitude through nylons

I am wearing a very sexy pantyhose and I feel very sexy as well!I am going to use you, My pantyhose bitch, for My pleasure! You are wearing nice nylons, 15 Den, so I can see your clity trough the material! I am going to drive you crazy today: will tease you so much ….First, I give you My gorgeous stilettos, to sniff : after a wear it long time, My foot in nylons sweat inside and now, the stilettos are impregnated with a very arousing perfume ...Sniff it all boy! Is your little clity starting to ,,wake-up,, ? ...hahaha...and this is just the beginning of your ,,ecstasy and agony,, journey today ! Now, after you inhale all the sweet perfume you may start worship My feet in nylons ….yess, lick My soles, suck My toes and kiss My ankles...I love it … I guess your clity is struggling under the nylons ...that's good ! To have My feet worshiped is always arousing for Me, so, I feel I want more: more pleasure for Me and more frustration for you! So, come , get closer to My magic triangle, this small piece of nylon who is covering My Sanctum must start licking and give Me satisfaction with your tongue...yes, oral servitude trough the nylons totally exciting for Me, I will have an orgasm soon....and I guess is arousing for you too: because the nylons let My pussy juices pass trough, so you can test My sweet nectar mixed with nylons smell ...what a heaven for a nylons boy , isn't? And, because I am in ,,devilish,, mood today, I don't want to stop here, I want to tease you even more , so I will order you to lick My ass trough the nylons ! Before we start the film, I was using the bathroom and let My ass ,,half whipped,, by intention : so now, when you start clean My ass, you get a splendid mixtures of aromas: My ass My orgasm and this gorgeous nylons … I get My second orgasm and now, you must go ...I finish with you for today may go ...haha..but oh, what you get there inside your pantyhose? - huge erection , as I can see bad for you, because you don't get something else today! As for Me: mission accomplished: I get My orgasms, I use you, I tease you ! I enslave you forever by day your addiction become stronger and stronger : I am your addiction!


Drink all

You are going to be My toilet slave ! I will use you like this each time I need! Let's start with giving you some ,,precious,, golden nectar! You must drink all! When I film this clip, after I finished filming, I felt the need to pee again, so I turn ON the camera again – so you get twice from My delicious juice!


Suck My toes

Worshiping My foot is always a good start for a new day! You may adore My feet while I drink my coffee! Make My soles soft like velvet with your tongue ... If you are a foot-boy you will adore this clip that has been filmed with 2 cameras from two different angles, so you have perfect frames with the object of adoration: My bare feet!


Goolden boots's slave

I bought a new pair of boots: golden with spiky heels ….and you, will worship it! You are the slave of My boots! In this clip it was a ,,surprise,, element : the slave was having a beard on his face with out asking My permission for such a ,,look,, change – so at the end of the clip, I start slapping his face and press My spiky heels against his nipples – as a punishment for this mistake! He shall never change again his look, with out asking My permission first!


Learn how to serve Me

Kneel and pay attention! I was all day walking in this leather boots . I worn this shiny pantyhose and My feet sweat and feel tired. I was at shopping spending your money, while you wait humble in the cage! Now, after I had fun spending your money, is time for you to learn how to serve Me : first you must clean My boots with your tongue and than, I will let you sniff inside My boots and also, I will let you worship My sweaty feet in nylons! That's your fate: I spend your money and you lick My boots ! Watch the clip to learn precious information about how I like you clean My boots and worship My feet clad in nylons!

Face slapping


The slave have the privilege to kiss My ass clad in latex and to give the shine of My latex skirt ! I have a sexy latex gloves and he wear a latex hood – and because I feel in ,,cruel mood,, I want to slap his face with My latex gloves! When I want something, I receive it! So I slapped his face for My amusement!


Your orgasm belongs to Me


Yes My boy, your orgasm belongs to Me and you have to tribute it! Normally I like to ruin your orgasm for Me , but today, I change My mind: today I will let you have a nice orgasm! You will feel sooo good, like you haven't from very long time ! But, as you know, your orgasm belongs to Me, so your pleasure come with a price ! You will find out what I want when you watch the clip! Before start seeing the clip, make sure you bring with you a condom, a small kitchen counter and you may have your but plug too!


Cum on My nylons

Hello My boy! Today I want to ruin your orgasm and cum on My nylons! I know how addicted you are on the sweet perfume of My feet in nylon pantyhose ! Before we start, you must wear a nylon pantyhose too ! Great! Go on your knees and start touching your self like a girl ! Rub your cock trough the nylon of the pantyhose! Yes, and sniff My feet ..

When I see your dick is getting hard, I will remove your nylons and let you masturbate ! Jerk it boy! I will help you with My feet : giving you a footjob …I want you cum on My nylons ...yes, ruin your orgasm and let your cumshot on My nylons … good boy!


Novice shoe cleaner

I am traveling and I have this slave with Me, to serve Me during My trip: he must carry all My baggage, pack and unpack My luggage and must make sure My shoes are at all time tidy and clean . I am checking the shoes to see if he cleaned good and I find many ,,mistakes,, ..he is novice, he have to learn how to clean My shoes and how I want My shoes ….I encourage him with My bullwhip which is extremely painful for a novice ...but, hey, this pathetic creature must learn quickly how to please Me! 


Masturbate how I say

I like to see you edge for Me. Edging is a way to show Me your devotion and obedience! Beside this, ejaculating is pleasant just for few second and after it you feel down, empty and pathetic ...creature! Edging is much pleasant, endless hours of pleasure not only physically pleasure but also mentally – when you know you are pleasing Me by edging ! I want you to kneel and follow My instructions: masturbate when I say ,,start,, and stop doing when I command so ! I am going to smoke a cigarette, and we will play this ,,game,, together ! A game for both benefit: I find it extremely arousing and exciting to watch you masturbate at My command, to tease you empowering, and you, you will feel proud to make your Mistress happy ! 


Barefoot at breakfast

I am Dominant woman and My life style is according with My nature: love to ve pampered and spoiled with the best ! When I travel with My slaves, I expect they struggle to please Me and keep up with My standards. I always ask them to bring the morning coffee in My room ! What is more delicious at breakfast than a long espresso and a slave to worship My gorgeous bare feet ? If you love feet, you will love this clip and if you are not yet in love with My feet, you will fall in adoration with it! I use 2 cameras when I film this clip, so you will have very arousing angles and closeup of My bare feet! Can you imagine? To smell My bare feet, sniff it, kiss it and than lick it – that's heaven for you, My foot boy!


Sniff My ass and pussy

My hubby was expecting special surprise on Valentine Day ! He get a ,,surprise,, but not exactly what he expect! I tied him with spreaded legs and hands in the bed, and  I enjoy a cold delicious Prosecco while I ride on his face! All he get is My extremely arousing intimate perfume: My pussy, My ass ….,,overwhelming,, him ..haha I bet you will love to be on his place and get the chance to ,,suffocate,, with My pussy and ass scent ... 


Milking My mummified slave

I am going to milking this slave ...but I want to play little with him before that! I love teasing him while he is helpless mummified ! I will give him post-orgasm pain – because I know this boy he is very sensitive post orgasm so I using his weakness against him – for My pleasure! 


You touch Me but you don't

Latex is one of My favorite! I love to wear latex: is embracing  My body just like a firm hug  and My skin is getting ultra sensitive : I feel every touch trough latex, even more accurate … I find latex the perfect ,,tool,, when I want to get pleasure from My slave : you touch Me but in fact you Don't touch Me  : I feel every touch but all you feel is just the latex – very arousing for Me and real frustrating for you ! That's why I love latex, is so perfect for teasing & denial! You want to touch Me? 


Slave must obey

Slave must obey – to My wishes ! I have a new pair of boots and a latex leotard – and I want this slave to worship My boots and My ass! He is licking My buttocks clad in shiny nylons, he lick My pussy covered in latex panties and he lick My boots ! He is doing as I want and in the end My boots are shinny and his ass is red ! I am pleased! 


Milking day

After 30 days of chastity , is milking day for this boy! His cock is so hard and his body is shivering expecting a pleasant ejaculation ...but, as always, I will ruin his orgasm ! Also I will touch his cock in a painfully way, post orgasm when he is sensitive there and every touch is painful ! This clip, although I am milking this boy, I am all time looking at you and speaking to you ! Yes, with you ! So you must watch this clip and follow My orders – is your milking day also! And don't forget : all your sperm belong to Me , so milked out all for Me now! 


Pantyhose worship

I love to have you kneeling at My feet and show Me your devotion and adoration by worshiping My feet : bare or in nylons! There are always the same : you must start by sniffing, kiss, lick and in the end suck all the delicious juice of My sweaty feet in nylon! 

If you are not a genuine foot & nylons boy, this clip will convert you into one ! And not any foot boy, but one very dedicated and passionate for My feet, you will become My FOOT SLAVE boy! 

Look at this clip and drool ..drool..drool.. wishing you was in his place ! 


Ass smothering

Get ready for arousing 14 minutes! Kneel and worship My gorgeous ass and legs in pantyhose. I am going to seat on your face, smother your face with My ass clad in nylons. You are getting very special treat today: having the privilege to be under My ass, to sniff My ass and feet ...test this delicious sweet perfume of My ass and feet in nylons ...hmmm.I know, I can feel, you get erection ….you can not resist to such a temptation: I want you to jerk for me, kneel and jerk for Me ! Today is your milking day and I want all your milk, right now , right here! 


Whipped for My feet scent

I was away for a while and when I get back I catch My slave sniffing My red high heels ! I know he is deeply in love with My feet scent but, he is not allowed to sniff , kiss, or worship My shoes with out having My approval ! In consequence I punish him : 20 flogs on his back  while he must smell My feet in nylon – I know the big punishment for him is not the flogs, but the interdiction to kiss and worship My feet in nylon! I keep frustrating him, after the whipping, by giving him My feet , only to sniff it ! 


My ass must be worshiped!

this slave , have the privilege to give me company when I have a glass of red wine! I slap his face when I get angry on him, but you will see, right after slapping him My smile is back on My face ...he is confuse: he learn that I can give him pain with a smile on My face he is trying his best to please Me!  He worship My ass clad in gorgeous shinny pantyhose ..and I am very pleased when I see his reaction – he is having a big amount of precum dripping from his chastity cage – I give it all to him, to lick it from My riding crop ….A pleasant and relaxing evening for Me : I have My red wine and My slave worship My boots! 

Must tell you: all My clips are ,,real,, : there are no ,,acting,, actors or other ,,arrangements,, ! I put camera ON and I just have fun with My real slaves while camera is recording genuine ,,scenes,, from My Domina Lifestyle! 


Nylons teasing

I am teasing you with My stockings! Stay with me My boy: I am taking out My high heels and let you smell! First you smell inside My shoes and than I will put My feet on your face ...mmmm..very arousing perfume ...My sweaty feet in can not resist, you are so weak when is about My feet scent...your cock is getting hard ...yes, is ok, don't hide it , I like to see your reaction at My sweet feet perfume ...jerk for me boy , but dont know I like you to edge for me ! Now, I will remove My stockings, so you can worship My bare feet ...yes, lick My soles and suck My toes ...mmm...jerk it  boy... After you edge it several time, I want you to put My stockings around your cock and jerk it like this you can feel the material of nylons on your cock ..very arousing, isn't? And when you feel you are cumming, take your hand away and ruin your orgasm for Me ! Yess, like that! Good boy


Smothering after cycling

My training at cycling today was very intense, I have sweat a lot, My leggings , My panties and My feet are wet, so I thing this is very good time to smother your face...isn't? Just take your position and make sure you take a deep breath when I sit on will be in heaven: the arousing perfume of My sweaty ass and pussy ...hmmm... but for Me isn't fun if I dont give you some pain – so I make a scissor with My strong legs and now you are helpless between My legs ...hahaha...I transform you into a human puppet ...struggling between My strong legs ..smell, smell My fabulous ass.. piggy ..


Mistress Luna -Helpless under My ass

I have the slave, in a special bondage bag, made from strong canvas and with leather straps all around his body ...also his hands are locked in sleeves inside the bag , so, he is really helpless under My ass! I give him a gag made from My panties I wear it all day and I have fun smothering him with My ass clad in leather! Soon he get erected, so I can feel his erected cock trough the material of the bag so I ,,make love,, with him ...haha ..then, I decide to ruin his orgasm will see I see a huge amount of sperm... Of Course, his cock get locked back , for a very long period !  


Mistress Luna-Sniff My nylons and ruin your orgasm for Me

I know this guy is crazy for My nylons, he adore to sniff My sweaty feet in nylon I am planing to use his weakness against him , to have fun and to ruin his orgasm! I tease him and make him edge for Me ! What was really unplaned, with this guy: he is novice when is about filming, doing this in front of camera, kind of ,,blocking,, for him, I change My mind: instead of Me giving a handjob to ruin his orgasm, he have to do it with his hand, while sniffing My nylons , but, very important : he must ruin his orgasm for Me! 

He was so willing to please Me ! I notice after the filming, when I view the video, that he was ready to ejaculate, and to follow My order, he remove his hand to ruin his orgasm, but I was not noticed that he ejaculate so, he just start jerking his cock again, to ruin his orgasm so I can see ….and he manage, he get a second ,,orgasm,, which of course he ruin for Me, just as I ask ! It might not be easy for a male, to ruin 2 orgasm in just 2 minutes …. but he want so much to please Me …. Good boy! 

Will you ruin your orgasm for Me? - what if I let you sniff My sweaty feet in nylons? 


Receiving My collar

Today I am getting a new: "victim"! You are going to wear My collar, submit and obey to My wishes and My orders! I'm giving you My collar and you start behaving: cleaning My boots and worship Me! If I'm pleased by you, I will give you permission to masturbate, but you will have only 30 seconds to cum .... The view of My gorgeous body, my generous ass and hips ... will help you ... tic tac tic tac ... .time is going ... and if you dont cum in the time frame I give you, ..well, I dont care ... than you will have to wait another 30 days ... From now, you are Mine: addicted to Me !


Hubby worship Me

After he get punished by Me ( see in the clip My hubby punishment), with the leather strap, I let My hubby to worship My ass ! While he kiss My ass clad in shinny pantyhose, I pull his balls ...give him pain ...Then My hubby worship My boots ...I love to see how passionate he is about Me ...At the end I lock his cock in the cage – must wait more days before I allow him to ejaculate! 


Nylons slave training

Hello boy! Today I am going to give you a footjob – but, as you already know, I am not giving you this before you do something for Me : I want you edge as much as possible before I will tell you you are allowed to cum ! Come, go on your knees and start your training – I will turn you into My perfect pantyhose bitch, edging for Me and cum when I count backward ! 



Eat from under my boots

On your knees and start cleaning My boots ! I want them shiny, and I want it now! I am using My bull whip without hesitation if I see you are lazy ! I bring grapes and I want to feed you , I will put the grapes on the floor, crush it with My boots and then you must clean everything : My boots and the floor better concentrate and do exactly what and how I ask, or you will get pain ..I am not in joking mood! 



Pleasure is for me

Exactly! There is no doubt for all My slaves: pleasure is for Mistress! See your Mistress, in a very sexy outfit with spiky high heels ...who is getting pleasure by using Her slave! I tease him by asking him to smell and worship My ass clad in nylon then I give him order to clean My boots – he is very passionate boots boy , I am pleased! I light a cigarette and start gibing him a hand job ...but of course, I ruined his orgasm ..hahaha...what he expect ! I love doing that to you ! Worship Mistress Luna! 



Teasing in latex

I love latex ! It embrace My body like an erotic hug and altough is like a ,,shield,, it increase the sensistivity of My skin ! I find latex so perfect to tease you! I am touching your body and your cock trough the latex : it is like sweet torture it feel so good but frustranting in the same time ! And, to remember where is your place, I rub My gorgeous ass and pussy clad in latex, against you head … very arousing ...I can get an orgasm only by doing this … 

After I tease you a lot I want to ruin your all the time when I allow you have an orgasm I first make you edge for Me then I ruin your orgasm and when you finish ejaculating, I continued to rub your cock you some post ruined orgasm pain ...I simply love latex! 



Slave in leash

Walking in leash is a part of a slave training ! If you wish to wear My collar, then you must take a look at this clip to learn how I like My slave to walk in leash ! Probably you will be captivated about My legs in boots and My ass in motion ...but, hey, doesnt matter ...replay the clip until you learn who is your Owner! 



Masturbation games

I have this slave in chastity but today I want him to edge for Me. I wear a sexy tight PVC dress and I want to have fun while I drink a glass of prosecco! 

The slave have to masturbate and follow My orders : faster, slow, harder, stop! Is so pleasant for Me to see his body shivering of excitement when I order him ,,stop,, ...and to teasing him more, I give him My nyloned feet to smell – I know is his weakness ...and I use it against him! Will you edge for Me?



Leather teasing

Came, worship My boots and My ass clad in leather – sniff it ….mmm is very arousing the scent from leather in combination with My body perfumes ….imagine you are with Me , allowed, to smell and touch My body in leather ….

Is all about your weakness: leather and Mistress! 



Lick My bare foot

Chastised slave, in all four, ready to worship My sweaty bare feet! Mmm...delicious ! First you must lick My sandals, make it shiny! Then, you may remove My sandals and begin My feet worship …. sniff it first ….yesss...sweet perfume of My sweaty feet ...arousing I know … After sniffing, you kiss My feet ...and than you may start lick it ! I like when you lick My feet, cleaning My soles with your tongue ...mmm..delicious isn? And sooo arousing...your cock is struggling in the cage … sweet torture ...After licking every inch of My bare feet, you may start suck My toes, one by one ...oh, that ….

After this delightful treatment ...your cock, locked in cage, is so erected , you are dripping so much ...yes, I like to see you dripping teasing you like this !!



Your Valentine

Now that's Valentine's Day, I have a gift for you! I'm waiting here in bed, dressed sexy and I assure you that I'm in a "hot" mood. I want to rub my pussy on your face, to smother it until I have an orgasm ... and, because it's Valentine, I allow you rub your cock this time! Mmm ... and if I'm happy with you, I'll let you ejaculate on my soft red fur! Do not make me wait ... you know I can change my mind at any moment and leave you for another 30 days in your chastity belt …



Meet my bullwhip

Have you ever been punished with a bullwhip? If yes, than you will appreciate how this novice slave behave at his very first meeting with it! If you answer is No, then, I shall tell you, that bullwhip is very nasty tool : it sting the skin like thousand of needles , is very painful ...however, I adore this tool : because is very efficient: I can give big pain with less efforts ...just an elegant hit, and the pain is there, an-contrary to the flog, for example, where I need to consume more energy to give pain and it can be exhausting!

For this slave, is first time he meet My bullwhip , that's why, I warm him up with the flog and than I administrate him the bullwhip !

I must confess: I get wet when I use the whip very arousing for me to whip a male , and this slave have a very good skin so My plan is to train him to take more and more My bullwhip ...until the whipping of slave will be ,,orgasmic,, ….for Me of-course,... and agonizing for him!  




Valentine for hubby

I want to make a Valentine's Day gift to my hubby! He is in chastity for 24 days, so I will give him the opportunity to ease his balls, it will be a very unexpected and great surprise! Because I know he has a fetish for leather gloves, I make this gift even more special: I will rub his penis with my very soft leather Napa gloves.

Anyway, he is overwhelmed with surprise and thinks he will enjoy great pleasure today ... but ... I destroy his  orgasm and not only ... I  rub his cock a little,  post orgasm ... so he gets in fact a painful relieving ... my silly huby ... what did he think? - pleasure is for Me!




Pantyhose fetish

Hello boy! Today I wear some special, luxurious pantyhose ... if you could feel how pleasant it is to feel the touch of these pantyhoses ... I feel so sexy in them and I want to share this with you! Your little cock is already erect? - ok, do not be ashamed ... I like to see you like that! Look at My feet, My toes, through the transparency of these special pantyhose, watch and admire My voluptuous ass ... sniff, My little boy!! sniff My soles, sniff My bottom ... your Mistress is going to spread up Her legs, a bit, so you can smell .. yes, get aroused with My femininity scents .... yeah baby, you can rub it ... I actually order you to do it: rub your cock for Me but I want to edge for Me ... I want you to edge for Me as much as possible! Then I want you to send Me a report on how it was: how many times did you edge, if you eventually ejaculated and how long it took!




Arched footjob

The slave get permission to cum, after 30 days of being in chastity but, I want to make him cum, with My gorgeous feet! I tied him on the bed, with his legs and hands spread it and I begin My ,,game,, ! I want to drive him crazy , make him edge many time before he cum ...and I rub his cock with My arched feet … If you are a foot-boy, this clips is a must, but, I want you to watch it on kneeling position and edge for Me as much as possible ...good boy! 



Suck my nylons

I have to go to a fetish party, and as I feel very sexy in this red tight dress, I want to tease a little my slave who is in the chastity from many days. I command him to begin with the adoration of my ass - I feels his tongue through the thin fabric of the dress and pantyhose ... and his is trembling, and his cock, even is in the cage, betraying him!

I know he's crazy for my nylon feet and just because I want to play with him, I ask him if he wants to smell and adore my feet: I already know the answer but I want to play with him .... and of course, when he answer affirmatively, I tell him that I agree but only if he gets 20 riding crop instead ... haha

After I use My riding crop on his buttocks with great pleasure, I sit comfortably and allow the slave to adore my feet: he clean with his tongue My high-heeled shoes, then he smell inside the shoes ... to absorb all the exciting perfume of My sweaty feet .. and only after that, he can adore my feet, respecting the order: sniff, kiss, lick and suck ...


My feet are very sensitive so I feel pleasure when the slave worship it! ... As for him, his cock is dripping a lot and almost breaking the cage with his erection ...



Footjobs in nylon 

You sissy, when you wear pantyhose, you must learn how to masturbate trough it, just like girls are doing! I am teaching you how to do it! Admire your Mistress , see the nylons I wear? I want you to sniff My sweat nyloned foot and I give you permission to rub your little dick at the same time ! I have a great pleasure seeing you like this: wearing pantyhose, kneel in front of Me, sniffing My feet and stroking your cock , but, I warn you: the pleasure is just for Me, because I am going to ruin your orgasm ! I order you to remove your hand, at the very exact moment of your cum ! Now boy, you will go back in your chastity device and next orgasm, I mean, your next Ruined orgasm, is after 30 days!



Boots domination

Cleaning My boots it is not a task but a privilege ! When you will see Me, My eyes shinny from the pleasure to whip your while you use your tongue to make My boots shiny , than you will understand why My slaves are eager to clean My boots!  



My ass over your face 

I am having a relaxing time: a glass of red wine and a nice cigar ...and of course, your head is going to be My seat ! I am wearing leggings, with out underwear, so, you pathetic creature can sniff My sweet intimate perfumes! I seat on your face, I tease you with My round voluptuous ass sitting on your face ...I can feel your nose between My buttocks! Because I am in good mood from the wine, I give to this slave My boots to sniff inside of it and also My feet in nylons...he sniff and breath deep all the precious scents! I because I am feeling generous today, I am teasing also you, yes, you, the one who is going to watch this clip – by showing you My sexy body and show you a close-up of My gorgeous bottom ! Stroke it slave, stroke it for Me, and edge !



Suck My cock slave

I want to train this slave, to take My cock into his ass! He never done it before, but I like ,,virgin,, boys ! Anyway, before he start learning how to get My cock inside his ass, he must learn sucking My dildo ! So I order this slave to suck My cock, while I have one cigarette! As about you, you may kneel, and jerk it for Me, admiring My outfit, My boots, My sexy body and My delicious cock – jerk it and imagine how it will feel to have this cock in your ass! 



Stroke it while I smoke 

I know you like to gaze at Me when I smoke – is arousing! I tell you what: go on your knees, and you may stroke it while I smoke this cigarette ...but, you have permission to do it only until I finish, use your chance: stroke your little dick and cum ...must be exactly in the time frame I tell you ..if is not happened until I smoke the cigarette ...then, you loose your chance ! Maybe I give you a second chance ..somewhere later ..or maybe not ! 



Painfull orgasm 

I make you edge for Me: each time you are all most ,,there,, I take My hand away ….I won't let you cum, yet ...I like this game ! When I'll let you will not be ,,pleasant,, for you..not at all...because I will not stop My handjob ...When you ejaculate and your cock is getting sensitive instead of stopping, I am increasing the speed and force for My handjob painful I know ..but, you know from before: ,,your pain is My pleasure,, 



My hubby punishment 

My hubby has to receive his punishment and because I am such a nice wife, I allowed him to choose the tool: he chose the leather strap! I tightened his balls with a string and tied them to a weight for bodybuilders, to be sure they stay stretched while applying the punishment. Little CBT and the blows without mercy have pleased Me and at least for a while My husband will not make any mistake!



Edge for Me

After 30 days of chastity, I decided it was

Hello boy! I know, the pantyhose, the nylons are your weakness - you can not look at them or touch them without your dick getting hard! I have a nylon pantyhose without underwear because I like the feeling of nylon that touches My Sanctum ... hmmm ... and I wore these pantyhose for a long time, they are impregnated with the sweet smell of my feet ... sniff boys ... yes, get hard for me ... and jerk ..yes jerk ... but, I want you to edge boy ... edge ...


I spend this time with you, I show you my lovely ass and my nylon legs and I want you to edge for Me ... good boy!


Ruine your orgasm under My ass

After 30 days of chastity, I decided it was time to give this slave the chance to ease his balls! I sit very comfortably on his face, so he can all time enjoy the seductive flavors of My intimate parts, and once I touch his cock he get erection! I tease him by rubbing his dick with my feet ... I have fun ...

Soon, he explodes and immediately I take My hand off his cock - thus ruining his orgasm ... and to destroying his pleasure totally, after orgasm, when his penis is sensitive, I rub again his cock with my feet ...

The slave's balls are empty so now, it can carry without problems the chastity belt for another 30 days!


Nylon's slave

Having waited on his knees for a few hours until I came back, the slave has to worship my heels and My feet in nylons. First time he smells the sweet scent of my feet in nylon and then kisses them, licks them and of course sucks them! From too much excitement, the slave touches my feet with his teeth and I punish him immediately for that. Lying on my lap, I spank his bottom for being a disobedient boy!


Mummified under My ass

The slave is mummified and wear a latex hood! I weare only a fishnet bodysuit and boots! In this clip you will see a different level of teasing a helpless male! I am riding on his body, on his face ...and I like what I do ! In the end, the slave recive what he deserve: his cock locked in a chastity device!  


Worship my gorgeous feet

Worshiping My feet is a reward for those hwo worth it! The slave must always start with the shoes: lick them and clean them with his tongue, after, he must to smell it, breathe deeply and inhale the arousing fragrance of the feet mixed with the smell of leather ... and then, he start worshiping my feet: sniff, lick, kiss ....Edge for Me whille watching this clip, foot boy!


Lick My ass clad in leather!

I wear leather and I feel very sexy! I've finished a whipping session and I'm very excited ... so I use this slave to satisfy my cruel mood!For those who have never served as a human seat under the bottom of a woman, I say to you: the full weights face sitting is not an "easy task," and when Mistress wears leather, it is even more difficult! But, of course, all the "difficulties" are insignificant compared to the reward: to be smothered by a gorgeous bottom clad in the leather, lick it and smell it ... that a real heaven for a slave!


Boots boy

Get on your knee slave and pay attention to your Mistress: cleaning My boots, is not easy nor funny! The slave must struggle to do it well, using his tongue and dont miss any part of My gorgeous boots! I am vigilant and although I laugh and look happy, I use My bull whip with no hesitation ! 


Foot boy at office

Because he was a good boy and transferred his monthly salary to My account, this lucky slave receives the privilege of worshiping My feet as I sort my emails! The slave is not allowed to talk or distract me in any way! His duty is to smell, kiss, lick! First, My Heels and Soles of My Shoes and My Nylon Feet. What a pleasant day for this slave ... You want to be there, excited by the smells of my legs, right?


Adoring Mistress Luna's feet

Look at Me: I am in latex, with white satin shirt and corset, wearing a pair of gorgeous sandals that are highlighting My toes with red pedicure .... kneel and watch ... I know you can not resist to the seductive image! You want to be in the place of this slave: you want to adore My feet, smell them, taste them! Worship My feet, boy! 


Balls waxing

I am in ,,cruel mood,, and I get satisfaction by torturing this slave with hot wax ! I use normal candles, not those special ones from sex shops for sexual games, which have a low melting point ! The slave is shivering in pain, but I am pleased! 


My slave get 2 cocks

It was really amusing Me when I filmed this video! I knit with a string and stretched the balls of this slave so much that his they now look like a cock. I put a condom on them and voila: it looks as if my slave has now, 2 cocks... ..

Of course the slave did not escape just as easy: I made ball stomping, ball busting, stomping the balls with My bare feet but also with My gorgeous high heels. I pull his balls, ... it was funny for Me and painful for the slave!


Worship Me

Kneel and honor My superiority! Worship My sharp high heels, My ass and My delicious feet covered in nylon! Simple and sublime: Women are made to be adored! Worship Me and buy this clip where your fetish is glorious illustrated !


Facesitting in shiny pantyhose

Those who know me, know that I love pantyhose: to wear them, but also to use them to subjugate My slaves! I also love to sit on the slave's face and, of course, I like to have My feet worshiped! This is the essence of this clip: face sitting, adoring My feet in nylon, smothering, ass sniffing ... and finally, I give to the slave My sweat pantyhose as a gag.


Cum in your pants, boy!

In this video, I wear a corset that highlights My waist and hips, black pantyhose and stiletto high heel shoes. I want to humiliate this slave, and I decided to send him to shop for Me with his wet pants. So I tease him so much, stand on his face, smothering him with my intimate parts covered only by pantyhose. I let him sniff my ass, breathe my intimate perfume ... and when it becomes noticeable that he is extremely aroused...


Slave humiliation

Casually dressed but sexy, I enjoy My favorite fruits and use this occasion to amuse My self humiliating this slave. On his knees, wearing a gag that forces him to keep his mouth open, turned into my trash can. Eating delicious cherries and spitting the stones into the mouth of the slave .... I exercise the ability to spit the stones exactly in his mouth ... 


Ball stomping

I had a lot of fun when I filmed this clip: the helpless slave, wrapped in cling film, just like a mummy ... gets special treatment! His balls are abused: trampled, stretched out, pinched and pressed ... Playing with his balls, arousse Me, and then I use the slave's face to get satisfaction: a little smothering with My ass clad in latex is exactly what I need to complete the picture!


Trampling with My boots

I use this slave like a rug, literally I walk on him with My riding boots ... and because I do not find it quite stimulating, I change My boots and put some high-heeled boots .... Trampling with My boots! When I get tired I put My ass on his face and then start again! 


Another day in cage

Another day spent by My slave in his new cage! I'm determined to teach this creature how to worship My boots! He knows he will not be released from the cage until I'm happy with his performance! So I get him out of the cage and order him again to worship My boots: I encourage him with a faceslap and correct it with a crup .... begins to be better ... so to motivate this maggot, I allow him to sMell My ass and to kiss My gorgeous ass, in leather tights! 


Sniffing My ass

It's a beautiful summer day, I wear a two-piece suit, white but no underwear underneath! My slave gets the privilege of smelling and licking my sweaty feet! Because is hot summer day and I wear no lingerie, My bottom and My intimate parts, gets very wet! Look at this lucky slave, how spoiled he is: he receive a rare delicacy! 


Facesitting in trousers

The title says it all! In this clip, I wear tight trousers - but no pants -and leather boots over knees ! The slave gets a gag from my nylons and then I enjoy a cigar sitting on his face! Feel? .. the exciting scent of my femininity? because I dont heave underwear, my intimate perfume passes easily through the fabric of my pants...and you get high on this fragrance! From time to time you get some fresh air ... 


Ball Abuse

I caught this slave when he touched his penis even though he knew he was forbidden! So he has to be punished, but not with whip or other tools: with bare hands and with plenty of pleasure.. for Me... normal! I tied his testicles, stretch them by pulling on them and hanging weights ... and every cry of pain is the music for My ears - it stimulates Me to cause them even more pain ... So, ballbusting with My strong legs covered by nylons .. is the ultimate treatment that this ungrateful slave has received! 


Kissing My feet

There is no other purpose for slaves than to satisfy their Mistress and any desire of Her is law! In this movie you can admire Me: dressed in glossy and tight, latex leggings, highlighting My gorgeous legs and My naughty butt, elegant white shirt from silk under corset which highlight My thin and My curvy silhouette !



Another my favorite activity is CBT In this clip, you will see how the slave, with the testicles stretched to the maximum of the string with which I tightly wrapped it, loves my legs in nylon while I ... am having fun by pulling the string tied of his testicles ... Agony and ecstasy for slave: on one hand, the pain caused by the torture of the testicles and the hits of the whip, and on the other hand, the honor of adoring my feet into the nylons!


Feet worship in office

After several hours of standing in high heel shoes, I need my slave to spoil my wonderful feet! Look at this clip, and admit that you dream to see my feet resting on your face ... to become the footstool for my beautiful feet ... would you like to smell them ... the most arousing perfume is this, my sweated feet ...


Worship My high heels!

You have the opportunity to serve me: go on your knees and admire my beautiful legs in the vintage style nylon pantyhose, observe my fine ankle, firm thighs, thin waist, curvy hips and round ass ... I know, you adore me and you want to you serve me as good as posible ! 


Encaged slave

This lucky slave is my prisoner ... He comes out of the cage only if I want and when I want it! I take him out twice a day for physical need and also any times I need his services! Otherwise, he stays well in his cage! Today, after I was shopping, with his credit card, I decided to release him a little, and because these leather overknee boots are paid with his money, I gave him the privilege of adoring them! 


The driver's reward

It was a hot summer day ... after a few hours' drive, I finally got into my hotel room! Admire me in a two-piece white suit with white stiletto shoes that contrasts with my tanning ... I feel sexy and happy, so I decided to reward my driver: he gets my feet sweat to lick, and because it's hot, he receive the water right out of my mouth ... what an honor for him!


Fullweights facesitting

What can be more representative of the Female Superiority than facesitting! I think there is no more sexy and suggestive position for power of woman! You will see in this video, your beautiful Stapina, wearing a gorgeous red corset, sexy fishnet pantyhose and red stiletto high heels!You like what you see! 


Feet lover

A very lucky slave,he have the opportunity to adore my beautiful feet! I wear elegant high-heeled sandals, pedicure in red ... isn't my feet irresistible? they just look delicious! And you would like to taste them a bit, isn't? How does this slave in the clip: sniffing, kissing and licking them: one toes in a row, like the lollipops then, he takes his tongue under my soles and consciously cleanses everything...



Admire my refined -erotic outfit: I look super sexy and hot, doesn't? This time, this lucky slave is tied to the bed gagged with my nylons! I have fun using him the way I like it: facesiting! I tease him by rubbing my intimate parts and my ass against his face...Imagine how arousing it may be for you: my sexy bottom in this satin pants..rubbing you feminine scent drive you would like to lick or taste...


Office break time

It's time for a little break, I get bored! The official "boss," is actually my slave... I'll call him in my office ... he knows what I like when I take the break: to have him under my ass, to worship My ass, to sniff My intimate fragrance !! So inferior creature is not allowed to have direct contact with my intimate parts, so he will lick through the panty...


Your face is my seat

Today you are my seat, the human support for my wonderful ass! I have some phone calls to make... and you are not allowed to talk or bother me in any way ... I will take care that from time to time you get the necessary dose of air ... only that ...


Painfull handjob

One of My favorite scenarios: painful handjob ... and when I say painful .. it really means! How else, when your testicles are stretched in the humbler, and you get a blowing dildo in your ass? ... besides that you get some whipping blows from time to time .... Even so ... you can feel that I like what I'm doing to you, it excite Me to do this ... 


Boots slave

This lucky slave has the privilege to be at My My orders...a boot cleaner! Look at your sexy Mistress how She uses this slave to clean Her boots with his tongue! While enjoying My coffee, I have fun using  him the way I like it: he's just an object, a carpet, a stool for My feet or a seat for My ass ! 


Puppy training by Mistress Luna

Aren't you secretly dreaming to be my ? Is ok, do not be ashamed, I like to turn you into my devoted , always at my feet! You will see that Mistress Luna will turn you into a well-trained puppy, no doubt! Look how I teach this puppy to sit, down, fetch ( aport) or to drink water from the bowl, just like a puppy ... it's so fun for me!