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Sissy teased with pantyhose

I introduced My sissyboy to My girl friend. He must stay in his ,,position,, : legs tied in a wide spreading position: he must train his legs to stay as long as possible like this , all time exposed and ready to be penetrated in his male pussy! We are wearing shiny pantyhose and I know how arousing is this view for My sissy! If I get the ,,correct,, reaction from My sissy, I will show him a bit more: our ,,diamond,, between our legs or even more: our gorgeous bottoms in nylon. If I am pleased with My sissy's ,,oink oink,, I allow him masturbate and have his long awaited orgasm ! That's the way My sissy can ejaculate: only by gazing to Mammy's ass in pantyhose !


Initiating a novice, to pegging

My friend Nicole once told me that since childhood she would have liked to have a dick. Now I decided to make her a surprise: I gave her a strapon and called on My male whore to opens his legs and to takes it in his ass, My girlfriend's strapon.. For Nicole it was a great surprise! Although she has never used a strapon, it is obvious she knows how to use it and makes her very excited to fuck this male slut. Seeing her so excited to dig in slave ass, it excites Me as-well, and, soon after we got tired of fucking the slave's ass we continued our fun in private ...


Toilet slave cleaning our pee

After Me and My girlfriend Nicole, we used My slave all day as a footboy, forcing him to smell and suck our stinky feet in nylon, to sniff our smelly farts ... is time to show him where is his place . As an inferior male, is a privilege for him, to be used as our toilet slave. Here is his place, below our asses, cleaning our pee !


Double farting in pantyhose

I have a slave coming for farting and stinky pantyhose session. I called My girl friend Nicole, to come and have fun with Me . Since morning we have prepared our self for extremely intense farting session: we ate at breakfast red beans with eggs and drank milk ...that's very effective combination for us ..and very stinky ... Also, we weared for 3 days the same pair of pantyhose, with out washing it, so we have very smelly nylons. The session was successful : for 2 full hours we have fun farting into the slave face, forcing him to inhale all and to smell our stinky feet in nylon. When the session ended, we still have much more farts and because we dont want to waste it, I call My slave, and order him to lay on the floor and receive our precious gift! It was a big surprise for him, big and smelly, I can say ! Me and Nicole we had so much fun! At the end we all had tears in our eyes: we, the Ladies, have tears from so much laughing and he, the inferior creature, have tears from the very strong fats he received straight on his nose !


Smothering in pantyhose

Me and My gorgeous friend, Mistress Ezada, we wear very nice shiny pantyhose, Neon 40 Den. This pantyhose are very high quality and the fabric of it it feel so good on our skin ... We decided to have fun, smothering My slave. He is mummified and blindfolded : so, all he can do is to breath from our gorgeous ass and receive all the smother we give him. Like always, Me and My friend, we have such an exciting time together and we like so much to see what power we have against our mummified slave. He can not speak or move his body, but his dicklet locked in a chastity, is a good indicator of what he is feeling each time our gorgeous asses are smothering his face!


Worship My shoes

This slave have bought a new pair of high heels for Me. I like the shoes, they are very sexy and fashionable. I have walk in the shoes and now they are full of dust and who's perfect for the task of cleaning them ? - My slave, of course!


Nude and black stinky pantyhose

Me and My girlfriend, Nicole, we have wearing by intention same pantyhose for few days, with out washing it . Now, My nude pantyhose and her black pantyhose, are so stinky. When we take out our feet from the shoes, the room is invaded by a cheesy smell of our feet in nylon. Now, My foot-boy, shall inhale all the precious perfume and worship our feet in nylon. It will be not easy for him but, for sure it will be very arousing !


Worship our ass

Imagine: you are with Mistress Ezada and Mistress Luna,you are kneeling, ready to follow our orders and eager to please us! We are wearing boots and leather outfits and you cant find the words to describe exactly, how gorgeous and sexy we look. Is your unique chance to worship our round generous bottoms and you know, you must struggle to do it perfect can not disappoint 2 Superior cruel Ladies like us! You will have to lick, lick, lick ... but keep your focus over our pleasure and needs ... dont let yourself disturbed by your little dick ...forget about your excitement ... concentrate boy : worship our ass ! We are your Goddesses and this is your long awaited dreamed occasion - you better dont ruin it!


Dripping for My bottom in nylon

Hello My sissy-boy, today we are training together: I will train My bottom and you will train your dripping precum. You can only look at My gorgeous big bottom in motion and touch your nipples. I wear extra shinny tight nylon leggings and I am pretty sure, you will drip a lot! If I am pleased with the amount of precum , coming from your little clit, I will show you My sexy ,,diamond,, between My legs! My gorgeous ass in shiny pantyhose and the exciting diamond between My legs. You see, mammy is so nice : she wear pantyhose under leggings, just to tease her poor little sissy! And you know what? If I get enough ,,oink oink,, from My little sissy , I will let you masturbate your clit .... it is a rare chance, dont waste it ! You better drip and oink staring at My gorgeous ass or I will lock you back in your pink chastity device!


The golden bath

Hello loser, I want to pee over your body and over your face! I will give you a golden bath , to mark My territory : because you are Mine! Lay on the floor and get ready ! Jerk your little dicklet because I want to pee on your hard cock ! Admit it, loser: you want to say no, but you can not ! To be washed in My hot golden champagne is so arousing for you ... You know, if you stay : there is no turn will be Mine , forever! My cruelty have no limits and I will degraded and humiliate you more and more.. It will be no limits for My creative and mean mind : I will transform you into a lowly creature, an insect ... yet, you dont want to go want to stay ... to take My golden bath and become Mine. It will be your ,,Baptism,, to your new religion, where the only Goddess to be worshiped day and night , will be Me !


Pegging in jeans

My slave have worked all week for Me and today, Friday, is his payment day ! I pay him with pleasure: I use My strap-on to fuck his male pussy! He is moaning like a slut: I dig inside his ass and he is just opening wider his legs clear he enjoy his payment ! In the other hand, I enjoy fucking males with My fat cock in strap-on , so, I guess, we have an win-win situation here! Do you want to work for Me as-well?


This clip is made for you

You will buy this clip, and there is a reason for it: you love Mistress Luna and you secretly desire to be My slave ! Well, right now, right here, we will have a small session : just you and Me! Kneel and learn My rules ! Admit you feel so weak in front of Me! Surrender and let your life and sexuality ruled by Me : your Superior Goddess !


Face sitting in jeans

I wear jeans with no underwear , so, when I sit on your face, is just a tiny layer of jeans separate your nose from My Sanctum and My ass! I have weared this jeans for all day and now they are impregnated with My pussy juices and My bottoms perfumes ! I will sit on you face, smother your ugly face with My big hot ass and you will breath all the arousing perfumes comes from My ass and pussy ! The farts, are just a bonus, haha...sniff it all ...


Mature hot bottom

This is a custom clip, with no name in it. I wear very shinny pantyhose and white silk full back motherly style panties underneath pantyhose. Buy the clip and you to, will be mesmerized by your ,,mother ,, mature hot ass! ,,You come home from a bad day at work with your boss being an asshole. So you now need someone you can use to make you feel better. You decide it’s a good day to confront me with the fact that you know I’m secretly watching you getting dressed and undressed and that I steal and sniff your panties. You start to take off your blouse and slowly step out of your skirt while showing me your back side. You tease me and make me horny while watching your round ass with the sexy shiny lingerie. Please keep your heels on. From then on you tease me more, let me worship your ass. Bend over a lot, squat, sit on chair while letting me see your ass. Pretend face sitting on me.,,


Ignored pantyhose footjob

I make phone calls, talking with My girlfriends while you, are laying on the floor , totally ignored ... or maybe not? I put My sweaty feet in nylon pantyhose, over your nose, so you can deeply inhale the arousing scent ! I stomp your cock and tease it with My feet! Look how pathetic you are! So weak for My feet in pantyhose! I ignore you and you ejaculate under My feet are exploding from the pantyhose footjob ... I have you wrapped around My small toes ...what a looser!


Drilling your male pussy

Look at Me: I am going to fuck you , I will emasculate you, I will drill inside your male pussy and you know what ? I will do it with great pleasure ! I love pegging you, turning you into a slut, digging deeper and deeper into your ass ! Now, turn, open your legs spread your buttocks and take My cock right inside your dirty ass ..oh, and yes, you can moan ..I know you like the way I fuck you ! What a whore your are!


All time under My feet, part 2

After I walk My slave in leash, in a public place and order him to worship My high heels in an open stair-house ( see part 1), he shall now be My human carpet while I do My painting. I rest My sweaty feet in nylon over his face and over his cock . It seem he get so aroused by this situation: ignored while being a human carpet - that he can not hold anymore when I tease his cock with My foot - he explode and now, he must lick his sperm from My pantyhose !


All time under My feet, part 1

My slave shall walk in all four, leaded in the leash By Me, in a public building...he is following Me, like an obedient pet . Before we enter in My workshop, I order him to kiss My shoes in the stair-house: so I humiliate him and test his obedience ! I have a hobby: painting silk scarfs and I have a small apartment converted into an workshop, where I can do My paintings! Now, My foot slave, will stay with Me while I do My painting ! He will lay on the floor so I can rest My feet on his body and over his face . I wear black sheer nylon pantyhose and My feet have sweat a lot - so, this slave will have very arousing time , while I do My painting. I will ignore him : I have to do my painting , which I like a lot , so, he better remain in silence, still, there, where is his place: under My feet!


Corporal punishment

I don't need reason to whip My slaves! I whip them to punish them , as a part of their training, I whip them just because I like so, for My pleasure! Today I want to whip this slave, to mark him! He will travel for few days, business purpose, and I want him to go to his business meetings with red burning ass : good painful reminder about where is his place: at My feet, right under My bottom!


Human carpet

My footboy must be nothing more than a human carpet today. I want to rest My barefoot over his naked body, over his face For a footboy, this sounds amazing easy and pleasant but, I expect My human carpet just act like a carpet: dont moves, dont talks and, especially, dont gets erection. This boy is in love with My feet and to have them over his face, to smell then and feel them over his dicklet it makes more difficult to him, to keep his excitement under control. But, I dont care if is difficult or easy for him , I just want My human carpet, down on the floor under My barefoot , now!