Special reward for FOOT SLAVE ONLY!

One of My foot domination clips (Eat the calluses of My soles)
was very successful!                                                                                                                   
All My foot-boys bought it and I received lots of positive feedback !
All My foot slaves, wants to proves how much they love My feet and how eager they are to taste My delicious feet!
Today it should be My day at pedicurist but , I decided , this time I'll do the pedicure at home, assisted by you, My loyal foot-slave!
Kneel and watch how I am going to use you!
I will clean all the dry-skin from My feet, and I'll collected for you, into a plastic bag with zip!
In fact, I will collect all the dry-skin of My soles, in this bag and at the end of this month, I will run a special raffle for all My foot-boys!
The lucky boy, randomly chosen by the PC, will receive the bag with all the dry skin I colect until the end of this month!
Inside the clip you have special instructions, about how I want you to use this precious gift!
The dry-skin of My feet, is more valuable than gold, more expensive per gram , and you can earn it now!
All you have to do is to buy this clip, or any clips from Foot-Domination , Foot-Fetish, Foot-Worship and Pantyhose-Domination category and you will automatically enter in the raffle!
Go on, boy, there is a big reward waiting for you! Don't miss the chance to prove your devotion and to worship My feet for real!
I will publish the result of the raffle on 1th June at evening!
In the raffle will eneter all the ORDER CONFIRMATION NUMBERS for all the sellings from the categories mentioned above! 

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