An unique chance to receive My worn nylon!

It's Thursday and as I promised I have a new game for you!
What is about? Well, all you have to do is buy My clips and for each clip you buy you gain an entry to a random extraction!
Therefore, to have more chances you must buy more clips!
For ex, if you buy 2 clips, your name will be twice in the extraction but if you buy 10 clips, you name will appear 10 times and so on!
This time, the ,,reward,, will be very special!
An worn pair of nylon sock, impregnated with My sweaty feet and leather boots scents.
I have wear the socks for a full day, on the way back from Transylvania to Bucharest and once I've arrived home, I sealed it into a vacuum bag to preserve the scents!
I have film both moments: when I put the socks on and when I remove it and seal it and you may see the full video in this page!
The game start right now and it end at midnight Sunday!
Mention: the delivery fee for My worn nylon socks will be paid by the winner !
Buy My clips at


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