OnlyFans page available now!

For the last two years, many of My fans and devotees asked Me if I have an OnlyFans account , so they can subscribe and be in closer contact with Me!
The last two years of My life has been in a very ,,speedy mode,, , many events occurred in My personal life that required My attention and time more than anything! Therefore, I had to chose wise how I spend My precious time!                                                                                
Lately, My life goes into the right path, and I have more time and the right mental disposition to spend with My fans and devotees! Also, many of My devotees and fans from Middle-east , asked Me for OnlyFans account, as an easier way for them to get access to My video-clips and to buy them!
Because of these reasons, I finally decided to make My OnlyFans page, and I did it!
You will be able to subscribe and support My work and lifestyle here:
Because I saw the tendency of many models on OnlyFans, to put their personal life on the  second place, or, to leave their entirely life under the camera's lens , just for fans, I want to be honest and tell you that, I am not one of these type!
My personal life should stay personal and I will not sacrifice My ,,living of life,, for the sake of money!
What is this meaning?
Is mean that I will try My best to keep in contact with you, I'll publish full video-clips , or teasers and pictures, that are exclusive made for My fans, sometimes I will give task to My fans and interact with them but don't expect Me every single day making new pics, new clips or streaming for you – this would mean I will only ,,work for you and for more money,,!
If you respect Me and want Me to be happy, you must admit that a Dominant and independent Woman like Me, do things because She like to do, and not because , other-ways you will stop your subscription and I'll lose money!
Having an OnlyFans account is doesn't mean I got a job paid by you! I might have busy days, or bad mood days and doesn't feel to talk to you at all and I might have days when I will like to spend most of time with you !                                    

In My opinion, if a man see his self as My fan or devotee and he wants to support Me, My work and My lifestyle, with a small contribution every- month, he should not be needy and expect daily post or interactions with Me, in exchange for his support! I am not selling My time and My way of Dominating! I am doing everything with great joy, Dominate man is My nature, My fiber and I want to keep My naturalness and genuineness in everything I do!    
Speaking from financial side of this: getting many of My video-clips, full version, 4-5 new full clips every month, it covers your financial effort anyway ( would cost more to buy each clip individually). - it may sound cheap, these affirmations, but I am pragmatic!         

So pay attention to this:

I will do: publish 4-5 full clips every month, I will publish pictures and/or small teasing clips made exclusive only for My fans, sometimes, when I will get the time and be in mood, I will do live stream and live interact with My fans, I will answer to your messages, and I will give you from time to time tasks!

I will not do: publish every day pictures from morning, evening and midday; publish everyday, small clips ; give daily tasks, do weekly, life stream – I don't want to do this!
It doesn't mean I can not ! I can, but with what price? - giving away all My personal life , and living My life entirely for your attention?
No, this is not Me! I have special connection with My devotees and I always find time for My ,,special,, fans but, boundaries must be established here and if you are truly one of My fans and respect Me , you will respect My boundaries!

Subscribe now to My Onlyfans account! Show your respect and support for what I am and what I do!

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