If you had the pleasure to meet Mistress Luna and you want to share your experience add your testimonial here.

In the honour of Mistress Luna!

It was very nice sunny day, the temperature was about 22C, and I was standing at a corner in the centre of Bucharest.
I was waiting Mistress Luna to come to pick me up with Her car.
She wanted to ride a pony slave in the nature and I was there, ready to be ridden. Mistress Luna really knows how to get real pleasure by riding a pony slave.

There were also two of her girlfriends, both beautiful and dressed for riding.
One was almost taller then me and I think the same weigh as me.
"It will be very hard task! one pony and 3 riding Mistresses!" I was thinking!

The next day, after a good sleep, we were together on the road towards a small empty cottage in the mountains somewhere on Carpathian - Transilvania!
After a couple of hours of regular roads we drived with a jeep through a wild forest and looked at the wild nature full of dangerous animals. It was pure unpolluted nature like 100 Years ago. After half an hour we were in front of the cottage in the middle of the wood, next to the spring. It was a perfect place for rest and riding! There were no people, just us and the nature. And some animals. We prepared a small diner with mushrooms and fish, had a little walk around and when I saw a bliss in Mistress Luna eyes I knew that She was ready for a long riding on my shoulders. But She wanted a strong pony for tomorrow, so I was sent to sleep, to prepare myself for the next day.

The Sun was up, It was about 10 a clock. After some breakfast, we was in the jeep again driving up, but after a while, Mistress Luna wanted to ride on my shoulder. She was right, the day was perfect and the pony was there ready to be used! I was climbing uphill with gorgeous Mistress Luna on my shoulders. Wit Her hands supported on the top of my head, She was in a perfect position and I had a really hard job.
Climbing uphill was very hard also for a jeep and I was just a human pony.

Mistress Luna is tall as I am and I think a little bit heavier than me. But Her enjoyment was on the first place for me. I was climbing up as fast as I could till the top of the hill. A small rest... she was again on the ground for a while...not to save me but just to talk to Her girlfriends and enjoy in the nature.

In a few minutes She was again on my shoulder but this time there was Her dog Max next to me. In my mouth was a hors bit- I was like a real horse with a real Mistress on my shoulders. She pulled a bit very strong to force me to go faster uphill. My mouth was wide opened and I could not stop saliva to leak on the ground. It was very humiliating for me. The other girls, Her girlfriends, was giggling sitting on the grass, waiting on there turn. Max was barking next to me, ….perfect day for Mistress!

Then down hills, it was easier. I was totally covered with Mistress Luna beautiful ass. All Her weights was pressing my shoulders deeper and deeper, and I was breathing very hard I was decided to carry my Mistress till my end.

She was very proud on her pony, and I could see a little envy looks of her girlfriends, there was very impatient to ride me.
After some 30 minutes, Mistress Luna wanted to walk a little again. We was walking till some glade with a great view. It was covered with grass and some beautiful flowers. Mistress Luna sad to me: "- It will be very long and warm autumn, look at this flower- they normaly apear in springtime, not in autumn!
And now I see She was right!

But now She wanted just a real ride to test me like a real pony! The glade was uneven and it was very hard to walk in the strait line. A lot of molehills! And Mistress wanted me to running! One of Her female friend was holding camera to record this. Mistress Luna was pressing my neck with her thighs, a twice! I was start to run. She was bouncing on my shoulders up and down, up and down….. Great smile on Her girlfriend faces. A couple of big laps….. a little walk and there running,….. it was really on the edge of my ability. But I was in the pony space during that time, just thinking where to step, feeling my Mistresses hot thighs, feeling Her sublime ass and Her full weight. I was very happy, I could run with Mistress on my shoulders.

After 20 minutes, She mounted down and I had a few minutes for rest. " - Ohh! …. You did not pressed the record button!" - Mistress Luna sad to her girlfriend, "- we must repeat !" She sad to me!
And all again: riding position on my shoulders, me running and struggling for breath bellow Mistress Luna weight …..another 20 minutes!
I was completely finished when She wanted to go down.

I was kneeling on the grass when Mistress Luna sad: on you belly slave, I want to step on you. She was wearing black riding boots with a very solid sole. She was standing on my back first with one leg, than with both legs. She started to jump on my back, the air was very loudly went from my langue outside. "- Haaaa.. haaa…ha!! "
She really liked this sound and started to jump even harder! Hard time for me. Then She sad: "- turn around, I want to smoke some cigarettes!"

Few seconds later She was sitting on my face full weigh and started to smoke. She felt comfortable in this position, while I was struggling for some air! But obviously She intended to finish Her cigarette and I was just Her sitting pillow in this moment. No air for me. And after 2 minutes She started to bounce with Her royal ass on my face. It was honor for me and little air! She finished her cigarette and stud up. Now you can ride my slave girls!
First one, was her sister, it was first time for her. Just a couple of minutes. She had a little fear. And than her girlfriend: tall blond Mistress with a true passion for riding.

She was riding on real horses and has obviously high expectation! Now I have seen that she was taller than me. Perfect position and long riding up hills. I was in pony space again! Hard breathing… running,…walking…hard task. After some time she wanted to walk again.
"That was not all for today my pony!", Mistress Luna sad, "- I want to ride you up hills through this spring!"

And the stones was very sleepy, each step with Mistress on my shoulders was struggling. But I succeeded. On the top She rewarded me allowing me to kiss Her feet and to drink water in which She washed Her feet!

The second day was raining. Mistress Luna wanted to ride in the wood Her pony slave. She was holding umbrella and She was on my shoulders again. The road was covered with wet stones, very sharp stones. My feet was wet after few minutes and soles in pains. I had just a thin sports shoes and it was not enough to protect me from anything!
It was on the edge of my ability! The pain was very hard and unpleasant. But Mistress enjoyed! She ask me : " - can you hold me till the cottage? I want to use you like you are a real pony!"
It was maybe 1 hour by foot! That stones….it was old dried spring root, that’s why was so hard to walk!.........

I am sitting now in my room and just watch pictures in my mind….. this few days of my pony life, being pony of Mistress Luna and Her girlfriends…. I could not wait the opportunity to serve Mistress Luna again!

In the honor of Mistress Luna!

From richard - England, Mistress Luna's servant in Dusseldorf

I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Mistress Luna to serve Her throughout Her recent trip to Germany.

I booked into the hotel a night prior to her arrival and met Her at the airport the following morning. When She came through the arrivals door I felt like kneeling and pressing my face to the floor, She was so resplendant. However, I controlled myself and took charge of Her baggage. After a coffee we disembarked to the hotel, where we wound up (after some Imperial insistance) in a two floor apartment. I wondered then how many times I would be ascending and descending those stairs.

The rules were clear; if Mistress clicked her beautiful fingers I was to come to Her and do Her bidding. My first task was obviously to unpack. As She was on a photo shoot, Mistress had a lot of clothes. I had to position everything absolutely to Her whim as Mistress is a perfectionist.

Once Mistress had slept, my work really began. There was no pretence, She didn't snap Her fingers just for effect but when She wanted something done. However She snapped Her fingers a lot, which as often as not meant climbing up the stairs and pouring Her a glass of water, taking off Her slippers or fetching Her something.

If She required something from the town centre (a mile away) She simply sent me for it. Ironically, the hotel restaurant and reception was abundant with free apples, however Mistress Luna prefers green apples, so it was to the Town centre to fetch Her a green apple.

No amount of effort was too much though when on occassion She would have me massage and kiss Her feet. Mistress Luna has the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. The hours I attended Her I ached to kiss them but dare not without an order. When that order did come it was like winning the lottery.

We went out and dined together. To a great extent Mistress would let lower protocall at these times. Of course I had to behave as a perfect gentleman, but it was basically a case of dining with a beautiful woman (not a bad life eh).

Over the weekend I did disapoint Mistress a couple of times. As was Her right, she whipped me for this, knowing I am not a masochist made these punishments more realistic. No pain could match the thought of dissapointing Her though. If I had let her down by bringing the wrong sized plate it hurt much more than a whipping ever could.

Throughout the weekend I continued to serve, Mistress Luna would click Her fingers and regardless of what I was doing I went up to Her and obeyed Her. I won't lie, it was very hard work, She is a demanding Lady, but with Her incredible beauty She has every right to be. No effort is too much trouble for Mistress Luna. Through the weekend, even the hotel staff cringeing at Her beck and call.

On Tuesday we disembarked to the main City prior to Her flight home. This made things very difficult for me. I now had my own (20kg) case plus Mistress's two cases (20kg & 12kg) plus Her laptop to carry. Needless to say, Mistress Luna doesn't carry her own bags. You've got more chance of seeing Jennifer Lopez struggling with her luggage than Mistress Luna.

Mistress became impatient with me as I struggled to keep up with Her, after all Her time was important, why should She wait for a slave.

On the train, She sat in the first class compartment whilst I minded the luggage in the second class. However She was hot, so called me in to fan Her. She then rested her impeccable feet on my lap and had me clean her shoes, much to the amusement of the other passengers.

When we arrived in the City the long walk to my hotel began. In front, a perfectly dressed Lady of Nobility walking freely with all male eyes upon Her. Behind was me struggling and puffing with four heavy cases. Being very kind She forgave me for looking at Her too. The fact was, that watching the 'poetry in motion' of Mistress Luna's bottom swaying was neccessary to give me the strength to keep going in the baking heat.

Finally we got to my hotel and aside from Her laptop I could now walk freely with Her. We visited a department store where I fetched several pairs of shoes and put them on Her feet to see if they suited Her. Then She ordered me to kiss Her feet. There is no shame in grovelling before a woman so magnificant, I doubt there is a man alive who wouldn't gladly kneel and kiss those gorgeous feet.

Then I retrieved Her bags from the hotel and we made our way to the airport. Whenever She walked towards a queue, I swear there was a respectful parting of people to allow Her to be first.

The only trouble was, this made our splitting up come earlier. When She arrived at the passport control it was time to say goodbye. When She said I'd been a good servant I wanted to offer to come with Her, to sleep in Her shed and wait on Her 18 hours a day. But at least She allowed me to kiss Her lovely hand, and then She was gone.

From presh, pony slave for Mistress Luna's birthday

I was driving all night to be present for Mistress Luna's Birthday. I was a little bit nervous, because it was my first time to meet Mistress Luna. I have seen her pictures many Years ago and now my dream is coming true.

With only one rose and a strong will to be the best present for Mistress Luna's birthday, I barely cud see anything because of tiredness.

Finally I came but it was to late, 1 after midnight, so Mistress Luna calls me and send her driver who helped me to find some rest in her studio.

I was amazed, it was beautiful studio, with cage, x cross, very elegant and tasty decorated, with so many psychology books. I was looked in a first class SM apartment and after showering I was ready to sleep. That was what I needed! Mistress sad to me that she expect me to be ready to serve for her party.

I was trained as pony slave for shoulder riding, yes real present for Mistress Luna, her own personal Pony!

In the morning I watched all movies with Mistress Luna I have found in her apartment on big plasma tv. Yes all this films was from OWK.

I was 'swallowed' all this films... there was no more time for loosing! Mistress Luna was coming!

I just take my breakfast, when she stand in front of me!

Beautiful, real Goddess! I decided again to give all my strength for her enjoyment! I have never seen such a mesmerizing beauty!

I was little confused. She carefully watched my body and I guess she was thinking that I am too weak to carry her! I kissed her hand and bowed my head to greet Mistress. Everything was starting to happened quickly! After some time I was walking behind Mistress Luna in 5 stars hotel in luxury apartment where the party was going to be. With her was a blond girl friend. She was also very beautiful and so proud!

Now I was completely confused , everything was so quickly, what will be my destiny that night? I could expect everything! Being used as toilet, for whipping, torturing, trampling, it could be very hard task to satisfy Mistress Luna and her dominant girlfriends.

In a hotel I got a room for myself and really nice bathroom. What a honor, I was thinking, as Mistress Luna's slave I had all the best. She came in my room,. … After that I was naked with cb3000 on my cock, and collar around my neck. And pony mask wit bridle and lash was here!

She told me the rules! "You are her for my enjoyment and must be obedient or I will punished you! If you don't understand something you will say I beg you pardon Mistress. If anything is clear you will say Yes Mistress!"

Now I realized that my confusion and fear was obvious and I lost concentration on my task! I knew that She was serious and that the punishment will be very severe. I was a little bit alone in my room and now completely decided to be the best slave. All what Mistress Luna wants from me I will do, I wanted her to be proud of her slave.

I was walking in apartment and there was one more Lady also beautiful and playful and the slaves: sissy slave mimy, butler slave, and 2 more slaves.

Very nice and funny slaves indeed. I have become my first task. Mistress Luna calls me in her room and gave her new shoes to remove label from soles wit my fingers. I was doing that I think 30 minutes, and Mistress was satisfied, she sad ''its ok, the rest you will clean later with your tongue! ''

I got a mask an shirt, and the party has began!

Mistress was having a bath and that was recorded with camera. I heard her voice and waited my turn. After 15 minutes, Mistress called me and I got another task. On my knees with my head near to the floor, I was greeting Ladies guests. I was in that position maybe half an hour and Mistress and her guests came in saloon and sat to the table for a dinner.

I was granted to go in the kitchen and eat with other slaves. The food was delicious. I heard voice of my Mistress. Come slave. I was running till the table and kneel in front of Mistress Luna. She pointed with her finger under the table and knew that she need me to be a carpet. On Romanian '' presh'' So I got my slave name. I was lying on the floor with a collar around my neck and cb 3000 wearing only shirt.

Mistress Luna putted her shoes on my chest and start to find the best position for her legs. Sharp heels was digging into my flesh and finally the pain was bearable. I knew that I must be still as a real carpet. The others Ladies also putted Their shoes on my belly and pressed so hard That their feet just sank deep into my stomach.

They was laughing and just enjoying the good food. Then Mistress Luna called her butler slave, and asked him what he will perform to entertain Her.

He was elephant, making funny noise and raising his hands like a trunk, he was very funny. Than he was a monkey. They was laughing and laughing at him. Mistress Luna demand feet worship and I was ready. I was licking her beautiful feet and she was satisfied and offered me to Her girl friends. I was liking their feet also, and I did it the best I could.

When I was liking feet of one brunet Lady, Mistress Luna sat on my back and start to jump on it. I was a slave totally used for they pleasure, that was clear. Again bellow the table and serve as as carpet. This time Mistress Luna went for a while and left me to be used by brunet Lady. She ordered me to open my mouth and to put my tongue out, so She was rubbing Her feet on my tongue, and putted half of Her feet into my mouth, rubbing it on my teeth . She was enjoying very loudly.

Then Mistress Luna comes back and putted Her beautiful legs on my chest again. I was really happy to have opportunity to be their carpet.

And yes I got some cake kneeling next to Mistress Luna and some whiskey from Mistress Luna mouth, yes she spat into my mouth. It was really honor! After dinner different games for Ladies : spitting sweet cherry stones into a open slaves mouth.. mini car racing, pushing them with the nose from one till other side of room and back, fighting with inflatable bats with another slaves with a closed eyes.

And finally pony shoulder riding. I was tested before and when She was sure that I was strong and stable I was ridden by Mistress Luna, and She was delighted.

She got her personal pony. On my shoulder She ordered me to trot like a hors, than show walking and than running in circles. She ordered me to stop in front of the mirror and just admired how She looked on her pony. She was dressed in beautiful black elegant skirt and was riding me as on real hors. And of course Her friends used me too and they was also very demanded as a riders. One pony and 3 riding Ladies.

I was ridden more than few times by each Lady and I gave my best. It was worth of my effort, They was really happy to use me. I was running and they bounced on my shoulders up and down, up and down….in the rhythm.

Mistress Luna discovered how to get some pleasure rubbing her scratch on my neck. I was standing still with the head bowed down as She ordered.

Finally Mistress Luna was sitting on Her other slaves face, and after that the brunet Lady on my face. I was in sweat, after all this performance, but I wanted to give the last atom of my power for Mistress Luna's birthday. But it was late at night and all went to sleep very soon. Next morning breakfast with Mistress Luna and Her blond proud friend also. I have seen that They was satisfied with my service and I wanted to give all my strength for Mistress Luna's enjoyment and I had more. But the party was finished and I was watching beautiful Goddess Mistress Luna and Her blond friend how they go away….. I was really happy for that unexpected opportunity and honor being used by Mistress Luna! When I send Her a mail –application for birthday slave I could not dream that She will choose me.
What a luck!

From slave Ian, regarding Mistress Luna's videos in Members Area

Having admired Mistress Luna of Bucharest ever since seeing Her OWK photo and video shoots, I was delighted when She opened Her long awaited Members’ Area this year (signing up was very easy via Verotel), and have been very impressed already by what She has produced for it.

In regard to quantity, writing this in early May 2010, I see that there are already 28 videos (durations range from 3 or 4 minutes to over 20 minutes) filmed recently in Bucharest, and Mistress Luna always adds two brand new video clips every week. In addition there are many, many photos, including shots from Mistress Luna’s OWK visits, and more recent photos taken at Her studio in Bucharest.

Mistress Luna has wisely, in my humble opinion, built Her Members Area portfolio with videos that focus on the quality and emotional intimacy of Her interactions with Her fortunate slaves, and in which She is always relaxed and totally in control. This for me contrasts very favourably with many videos seen elsewhere, in which the beautiful reality of a dominant Woman enjoying Her power and control over a submissive man is lost in an over-elaborate production, and the Lady surrenders control to the production team, so the unique ‘song’ of Her domination is drowned in the background ‘noise’.

In these videos, Mistress Luna establishes an intimate and pure ambience in which nothing distracts from the encounter between Mistress and slave, and Her dominant character, persona and unique style of domination are clearly conveyed for us to admire. She has indicated on Her site that She intends to work on improving the technical production quality of future videos, but I did not find that the simple amateur production quality of existing videos detracts from their impact.

Like many others, the first time I saw Mistress Luna was in the OWK photos, and I was immediately mesmerised by the aura of authority and dominance She possessed, reflected in Her radiant beauty, with cascading long black hair, sparkling inquisitive eyes, and sublime shapely figure. The most wonderful thing about the Members Area videos for me is how they celebrate those mesmerising qualities, and also reveal more of Mistress Luna’s vivacious and strong personality. Her sheer enjoyment of expressing Her sadism, and at times Her mischievous and cruel sense of humour, at the expense of Her slaves, shine throughout these videos.

Mistress Luna never seems to be putting on an act for the camera, rather a Woman doing what comes naturally to Her, always staying true to Herself, and delighting in Her Femininity and the power it gives Her over hapless males.

Mistress Luna often laughs at a slave’s predicament, especially when She has inflicted some pain on him, or he is gasping for breath after a prolonged spell tied up and smothered under Her adorable bottom. She talks to Her slaves throughout the videos, and although I do not speak Romanian, the sense is sometimes clear (“Respira”, She sometimes mockingly taunts, raising Her bottom from the slave’s face for a couple of seconds before settling Herself back down on Her fortunate human throne). A Lady never has to shout to make Herself heard, and I find the melodious cadence of Mistress Luna’s voice when She is addressing Her slaves both hypnotic and sexy.

In all of the videos I have seen, the conduct and demeanour of the slaves is clear testimony to the respect and adoration they feel for Mistress Luna, and to the deep connection She makes with Her slaves. For example, in one remarkable video, filmed outdoors in a fresh Spring forest this year, Mistress Luna subjects Her slave to a truly intense fisting, in which She invades his body, dominating him utterly from within, with Her arms inserted at times up to the elbows. She pushes and keeps the slave right at the brink of his endurance and capability in what must have felt for him an overwhelming physical and emotional experience, especially in the open air in a forest. At the end, the intensity of his demeanour when he kneels behind his Mistress, worshipping Her bottom in grateful thanks, makes clear how much She has colonised his soul as well as his body.

In the interest of brevity, I will not comment on the contents of every video (and besides, despite my enthusiasm, I have not had time to see them all yet!). You do not have to be a Member to read the descriptions Mistress Luna has written of the videos (here https://www.mistress-luna.com/members.html ), and see the diversity of activities and scenarios She excels in. Mistress Luna uses a range of slaves, each bringing something of himself to the videos, thus helping to vary the mood and style of the interactions.

My personal favourites so far are those involving a strong element of worship, whether it is of Mistress Luna’s bottom, shoes or bare/stockinged feet, and many of the videos feature those lovely activities. One of my favourites is entitled Foot Worship with Bullwhip, because the whole look and feel, and the combination of abject worship on behalf of the slave, with sadism on behalf of the Lady, is so powerful.

Mistress Luna is dressed superbly in a wonderful clinging knee-length skirt, black seamed tights, killer patent leather stilettos, a gorgeous shiny white blouse with full accentuated cuffs, and a black neck piece set off by a beautiful silver broach. She wears Her black hair up high, and looks every inch the cool and commanding Lady office boss, for whom you’d beg to work unpaid overtime just to please Her! Mistress Luna commands the slave to lick and worship Her shoes, and at the same time subjects him to a well controlled but obviously painful bullwhipping, encouraging him to lick ever harder and faster to please Her. The close ups of Her smiling face when She is flicking Her whip on his bottom, back and bound hands, make clear how much Mistress Luna enjoys hurting an adoring submissive man, all for his own good of course!

There is a magic too about the very simple video entitled High Heels Worship, which is very spontaneous and intimate, with Mistress Luna working the camera Herself via a handheld remote control device. The shoe and foot worship is lovely, and Mistress Luna amuses Herself by repeatedly slapping the slave’s face, spitting into his mouth, and using him as a footrest.

In addition to the scenarios mentioned already, the current videos also include golden showers/human-toilet service (short but sublime!), large strap-on play, cock & ball torture, smoking fetish and ash-tray servitude, some ball-kicking, trampling (in high heels and stockinged feet), chastity confinement, and whipping/flogging. Mistress Luna seems to enjoy clothed face sitting, and suffocating Her slaves beneath Her bottom, very much, judging by the sensuous way She moves, the controlled excitement in Her voice, and the rapt expressions on Her face, and I find all of these scenes in particular incredibly beautiful and erotic.

It is very clear throughout the portfolio that Mistress Luna is very skilled and practised in the arts of Her vocation as a dominant Woman. When She causes intense pain, or contorts a slave’s body, for Her pleasure, She always does so in a measured and expert fashion, so that no lasting damage to the slave’s body is caused. She seems a Lady whose natural instinct is to combine cruelty with compassion, skilled at driving a slave deeper and deeper into submission to Her, without inflicting any long-term physical harm. There is always the feeling that the slave must have walked away from the experience healthy, happy, humbled, and more assured of his place in the world!

I am very glad to have been able to share my perceptions of Mistress Luna’s Members Area, and the videos in particular, because I do believe that they are the very special offerings of a beautiful and remarkable Lady, and want others who may share my passions to experience them too. I will certainly remain a permanent member now, to enjoy what Mistress Luna has in store for us, and to continue to support Her project with my small contribution.

slave ian from England



Francis, Cyprus, says:

"i am Francis, the winner of Your worn precious panty/pantyhose auction. I was so delighted after winning the auction, because I couldn't believe I was going to have the worn panties and pantyhose of Madam.
Once I got the pack in my hand, I was a nervous, and my heart was  throbbing. I was in my car when I opened it. It was in vacuum cover. When I saw the lovely worn white panties with flower designs of Madam, I was gaping and drooling at it.
It added more pleasure when I thought the Madam has worn it during Her long flight to Costa Rica.
I took it out and sniffed it hard. Wow what a wonderful smell. I was so satisfied that I could feel Madam's aroma and essence. I put it in my mouth and then over my face. I sucked the pantyhose. I was in heaven.
I worship it every day Madam.
Madam I am so lucky. I am grateful to You. It is the most precious thing in my life.
Your Slave and worshiper,

Ian,  England says:

Mistress Luna

I am writing respectfully to thank You for allowing me the big privilege of possessing and worshipping the pantyhose and panties You wore on Your recent long journey between Bucharest and Costa Rica. The package arrived today, and was here to greet me when I returned home from work.

Having changed out of my work clothes, I knelt down to open the brown envelope, feeling so very thrilled that Your precious worn garments had arrived, Madame.
I noted the written instruction with a smile - well i was on my knees already: Mistress Luna was controlling me by remote, from a distance, like the moon in the skies dominates the ebb and flow of the tidal river!

To start, still on my knees, I carefully opened the sealed bag containing Your pantyhose, and slowly removed the item. Already, Your scent was impressing itself on me, overwhelming my senses and making me focus only on You, Mistress. I held the feet to my face, one then the other, savouring the subtle and compelling smell of Your lovely feet through the material, harmonising with the sweet feminine fragrance of Your body. I loved the thought of those feet, contained for so many hours in those tights, hot and perspiring at times; Your warm, damp feet, Madame, that I would love so much to feel resting, pressing down, on my fortunate face, while You relax above me, enjoying a glass of wine.

I kissed and smelt the rest of the garment, Mistress, enjoying so much the scent permeating it, thinking happily of how Your adorable legs and bottom had spent the duration of the transatlantic flight contained within it, and You read, ate and drank, visited the toilet, watched a movie maybe, read a book, and slept for a time.

Then, my hands trembling slightly, still kneeling as You ordered, my knees feeling a little sore by now, I opened the other bag, containing Your worn panties Mistress Luna.

The smell was intoxicating, a subtle mix of heady perfume, and the stronger earthier intimate fragrances of Your womanly body, a delightful blend of dried feminine secretions clinging insistently to the fabric. The panties were cold, after their long winter journey, but there was still a sense of dampness, cold echo of the dampness of Your warm sweat, and I imagined how wonderfully warm and pungent they might have been when You removed them on arrival at the destination, and put them straight into the bag. I realized that they still contained all of that magical essence of dominant womanhood, zip sealed in that bag just how You had sealed them!
I kissed and buried my face in the panties, Madame, sighing at the feeling of the soft cotton on my cheek, imagining how closely they must have caressed Your bottom, slipping in between Your buttocks, and clung to Your feminine temple of privilege. Finally, I joyfully pressed my face to the inside of Your panties, Mistress , pressing the gusset to my nose, squeezing it tight, and felt thrilled by the glorious mixture of scents, and the little marks, left by You after so long wearing them! I experienced a strong sense of being privileged submissive worshipper to a real dominant woman, breathing in that divine symphony of smell and surrendering to Her power, as I must.

So thank You again, Mistress Luna, for allowing me to participate in Your auction and for permitting me the privilege of taking one of the two precious prizes. It is wonderful how You, as a woman who simply must be obeyed and adored, can instil such value into a garment simply by the act of wearing it, and I am honoured both to have been able to contribute to Your comfort, and to have received such prizes!
Very respectfully Yours,

slave ian

Peter, Great Britain, says:

"Mistress Luna, what can I say about Mistress Luna? Well first of all, apart from being beautiful She has a powerful striking appearance, and is also an extremely dominant Lady/Mistress.

I was fortunate enough to have had the wonderful opportunity privilege & indeed Honour of Serving Mistress Luna in May last year (07) @ the OWK in the Czech republic.

I had applied to be Ms. Luna's personal servant for a few days whilst She was at OWK for filming of some videos. Luckily for me, as it turns out a couple of the "filming slaves" didn't turn up - which meant that the production team required a replacement or two.

It was during this time that I was able to serve Mistress Luna personally. This included tidying up Her room, assisting Her with Her clothes & various costumes. One special yet delightful task was helping Her get into a skin-tight bright red latex cat-suit.

Almost immediately upon Mistress's Luna arrival I was placed into a chastity device - CB3K including the PoI (Points of Intrigue - severe). On reflection I think this was a good thing - as I was pretty horny most of the time there.

Mistress Luna is an extremely accomplished administrator of the cane, or in fact any instrument of CP. This was more than brought home to me when I received 72 strokes of the cane (which is one of Her latest videos).

Incidentally for those sceptics who have posted on a number of different SM community web sites about the authenticity of the CP scenes at the OWK, and asking "Are the Corporal Punishment scenes for real?" I can categorically confirm that YES they are. I had the bruises for a number weeks after.

Mistress Luna, is also superb at psychologically dominating Her slaves, this included playing mind games.

After one of the shoots which included a W/S scene; Mistress Luna needed to use the bathroom. I was summoned almost immediately, and I instinctively knew (well hoped) what She required of me. Upon entering it was a simple instruction: "LIE DOWN ON THE FLOOR" which of course I did. Mistress Luna then squatted over me, & without instruction I opened my mouth, and then in a quite manner of fact way simply peed into my mouth. I must say Her champagne was absolutely delicious. Sadly it was over far too quickly.

Now although I have been used in this manner before, I have to say it was a wonderful experience. I had hoped to have visited Mistress Luna at Her studio before now; so hopefully later this year."

Vlad, Romania, says:

"Sunt vlad din Tg Mures si am avut deosebita onoare sa fiu acceptat de LADY LUNA ca
sclav umil. Am slujit-o pe STAPANA in cateva randuri si a fost cel mai placut lucru
din viata mea sa pot fi util STAPANEi. Ii multumesc ca exista si o incredintez de
supunerea mea totala.
Cu respect total,
sclavul vlad.

"i am vlad from TG. Mures and i had the high honour to be accepted By Lady Luna as her humble slave. i serve Her feew times and it was the most pleasant thing in my life: to be usefull for my Mistress. i am gratefull that She exist and i assure Her my totally obedience.
With respect, slave vlad"

sissyslavemaid4u says:

"A TRUE&BEAUTIFUL GODDESS...You are much more than great,i dont know what to say,was really a great pleasure for me to be your collared slave and to serve you..ı miss you,your traning and punishments..I can not forget that my whole week slavery in to your very well equipped dungeon in Bucharest and of course ı cannot forget your strick supervising under the cane and whip..I miss you,your dungeon and my cage...and ı miss also to be your collared,chained,chastitized and caged slave and then to receive&lick your really very huge strap on and to clean your boots with my tongue...Mistress,I hope to spend all my life as your personal slave and sissy slut !!!!!!"


Jhon, Greece, says:

"Hi Mistress Luna! Congragulations for Your new web site! i am very sad that i don't come to Bucharest very often and don't have the posibility to visit You regularly. 

i read the news section about the personal slave  You are looking for and i beleive i could be the capable one for You but to be honest this will not happen for a lot of reasons :(( i stopped visiting Mistress anymore because all of them were fake except You (THE  BIG EXCEPTION).

i cannot forget the great sessions i had with You and Your girlfriend and i wish to have again in the future with even more power and passion.

For sure You are a clever open mind lifestyle Mistress that any true slave dreams.

Thats all for now, i hope to see You again in the future and not loose touch with You! "