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Masturbation games

I have this slave in chastity but today I want him to edge for Me. I wear a sexy tight PVC dress and I want to have fun while I drink a glass of prosecco! 

The slave have to masturbate and follow My orders : faster, slow, harder, stop! Is so pleasant for Me to see his body shivering of excitement when I order him ,,stop,, ...and to teasing him more, I give him My nyloned feet to smell – I know is his weakness ...and I use it against him! Will you edge for Me?

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Leather teasing

Came, worship My boots and My ass clad in leather – sniff it ….mmm is very arousing the scent from leather in combination with My body perfumes ….imagine you are with Me , allowed, to smell and touch My body in leather ….

Is all about your weakness: leather and Mistress! 



Lick My bare foot

Chastised slave, in all four, ready to worship My sweaty bare feet! Mmm...delicious ! First you must lick My sandals, make it shiny! Then, you may remove My sandals and begin My feet worship …. sniff it first ….yesss...sweet perfume of My sweaty feet ...arousing I know … After sniffing, you kiss My feet ...and than you may start lick it ! I like when you lick My feet, cleaning My soles with your tongue ...mmm..delicious isn? And sooo arousing...your cock is struggling in the cage … sweet torture ...After licking every inch of My bare feet, you may start suck My toes, one by one ...oh, that ….

After this delightful treatment ...your cock, locked in cage, is so erected , you are dripping so much ...yes, I like to see you dripping teasing you like this !!



Your Valentine

Now that's Valentine's Day, I have a gift for you! I'm waiting here in bed, dressed sexy and I assure you that I'm in a "hot" mood. I want to rub my pussy on your face, to smother it until I have an orgasm ... and, because it's Valentine, I allow you rub your cock this time! Mmm ... and if I'm happy with you, I'll let you ejaculate on my soft red fur! Do not make me wait ... you know I can change my mind at any moment and leave you for another 30 days in your chastity belt …



Meet my bullwhip

Have you ever been punished with a bullwhip? If yes, than you will appreciate how this novice slave behave at his very first meeting with it! If you answer is No, then, I shall tell you, that bullwhip is very nasty tool : it sting the skin like thousand of needles , is very painful ...however, I adore this tool : because is very efficient: I can give big pain with less efforts ...just an elegant hit, and the pain is there, an-contrary to the flog, for example, where I need to consume more energy to give pain and it can be exhausting!

For this slave, is first time he meet My bullwhip , that's why, I warm him up with the flog and than I administrate him the bullwhip !

I must confess: I get wet when I use the whip very arousing for me to whip a male , and this slave have a very good skin so My plan is to train him to take more and more My bullwhip ...until the whipping of slave will be ,,orgasmic,, ….for Me of-course,... and agonizing for him!  




Valentine for hubby

I want to make a Valentine's Day gift to my hubby! He is in chastity for 24 days, so I will give him the opportunity to ease his balls, it will be a very unexpected and great surprise! Because I know he has a fetish for leather gloves, I make this gift even more special: I will rub his penis with my very soft leather Napa gloves.

Anyway, he is overwhelmed with surprise and thinks he will enjoy great pleasure today ... but ... I destroy his  orgasm and not only ... I  rub his cock a little,  post orgasm ... so he gets in fact a painful relieving ... my silly huby ... what did he think? - pleasure is for Me!




Pantyhose fetish

Hello boy! Today I wear some special, luxurious pantyhose ... if you could feel how pleasant it is to feel the touch of these pantyhoses ... I feel so sexy in them and I want to share this with you! Your little cock is already erect? - ok, do not be ashamed ... I like to see you like that! Look at My feet, My toes, through the transparency of these special pantyhose, watch and admire My voluptuous ass ... sniff, My little boy!! sniff My soles, sniff My bottom ... your Mistress is going to spread up Her legs, a bit, so you can smell .. yes, get aroused with My femininity scents .... yeah baby, you can rub it ... I actually order you to do it: rub your cock for Me but I want to edge for Me ... I want you to edge for Me as much as possible! Then I want you to send Me a report on how it was: how many times did you edge, if you eventually ejaculated and how long it took!




Arched footjob

The slave get permission to cum, after 30 days of being in chastity but, I want to make him cum, with My gorgeous feet! I tied him on the bed, with his legs and hands spread it and I begin My ,,game,, ! I want to drive him crazy , make him edge many time before he cum ...and I rub his cock with My arched feet … If you are a foot-boy, this clips is a must, but, I want you to watch it on kneeling position and edge for Me as much as possible ...good boy! 



Suck my nylons

I have to go to a fetish party, and as I feel very sexy in this red tight dress, I want to tease a little my slave who is in the chastity from many days. I command him to begin with the adoration of my ass - I feels his tongue through the thin fabric of the dress and pantyhose ... and his is trembling, and his cock, even is in the cage, betraying him!

I know he's crazy for my nylon feet and just because I want to play with him, I ask him if he wants to smell and adore my feet: I already know the answer but I want to play with him .... and of course, when he answer affirmatively, I tell him that I agree but only if he gets 20 riding crop instead ... haha

After I use My riding crop on his buttocks with great pleasure, I sit comfortably and allow the slave to adore my feet: he clean with his tongue My high-heeled shoes, then he smell inside the shoes ... to absorb all the exciting perfume of My sweaty feet .. and only after that, he can adore my feet, respecting the order: sniff, kiss, lick and suck ...


My feet are very sensitive so I feel pleasure when the slave worship it! ... As for him, his cock is dripping a lot and almost breaking the cage with his erection ...



Footjobs in nylon 

You sissy, when you wear pantyhose, you must learn how to masturbate trough it, just like girls are doing! I am teaching you how to do it! Admire your Mistress , see the nylons I wear? I want you to sniff My sweat nyloned foot and I give you permission to rub your little dick at the same time ! I have a great pleasure seeing you like this: wearing pantyhose, kneel in front of Me, sniffing My feet and stroking your cock , but, I warn you: the pleasure is just for Me, because I am going to ruin your orgasm ! I order you to remove your hand, at the very exact moment of your cum ! Now boy, you will go back in your chastity device and next orgasm, I mean, your next Ruined orgasm, is after 30 days!



Boots domination

Cleaning My boots it is not a task but a privilege ! When you will see Me, My eyes shinny from the pleasure to whip your while you use your tongue to make My boots shiny , than you will understand why My slaves are eager to clean My boots!  



My ass over your face 

I am having a relaxing time: a glass of red wine and a nice cigar ...and of course, your head is going to be My seat ! I am wearing leggings, with out underwear, so, you pathetic creature can sniff My sweet intimate perfumes! I seat on your face, I tease you with My round voluptuous ass sitting on your face ...I can feel your nose between My buttocks! Because I am in good mood from the wine, I give to this slave My boots to sniff inside of it and also My feet in nylons...he sniff and breath deep all the precious scents! I because I am feeling generous today, I am teasing also you, yes, you, the one who is going to watch this clip – by showing you My sexy body and show you a close-up of My gorgeous bottom ! Stroke it slave, stroke it for Me, and edge !



Suck My cock slave

I want to train this slave, to take My cock into his ass! He never done it before, but I like ,,virgin,, boys ! Anyway, before he start learning how to get My cock inside his ass, he must learn sucking My dildo ! So I order this slave to suck My cock, while I have one cigarette! As about you, you may kneel, and jerk it for Me, admiring My outfit, My boots, My sexy body and My delicious cock – jerk it and imagine how it will feel to have this cock in your ass! 



Stroke it while I smoke 

I know you like to gaze at Me when I smoke – is arousing! I tell you what: go on your knees, and you may stroke it while I smoke this cigarette ...but, you have permission to do it only until I finish, use your chance: stroke your little dick and cum ...must be exactly in the time frame I tell you ..if is not happened until I smoke the cigarette ...then, you loose your chance ! Maybe I give you a second chance ..somewhere later ..or maybe not ! 



Painfull orgasm 

I make you edge for Me: each time you are all most ,,there,, I take My hand away ….I won't let you cum, yet ...I like this game ! When I'll let you will not be ,,pleasant,, for you..not at all...because I will not stop My handjob ...When you ejaculate and your cock is getting sensitive instead of stopping, I am increasing the speed and force for My handjob painful I know ..but, you know from before: ,,your pain is My pleasure,, 



My hubby punishment 

My hubby has to receive his punishment and because I am such a nice wife, I allowed him to choose the tool: he chose the leather strap! I tightened his balls with a string and tied them to a weight for bodybuilders, to be sure they stay stretched while applying the punishment. Little CBT and the blows without mercy have pleased Me and at least for a while My husband will not make any mistake!



Edge for Me

After 30 days of chastity, I decided it was

Hello boy! I know, the pantyhose, the nylons are your weakness - you can not look at them or touch them without your dick getting hard! I have a nylon pantyhose without underwear because I like the feeling of nylon that touches My Sanctum ... hmmm ... and I wore these pantyhose for a long time, they are impregnated with the sweet smell of my feet ... sniff boys ... yes, get hard for me ... and jerk ..yes jerk ... but, I want you to edge boy ... edge ...


I spend this time with you, I show you my lovely ass and my nylon legs and I want you to edge for Me ... good boy!


Ruine your orgasm under My ass

After 30 days of chastity, I decided it was time to give this slave the chance to ease his balls! I sit very comfortably on his face, so he can all time enjoy the seductive flavors of My intimate parts, and once I touch his cock he get erection! I tease him by rubbing his dick with my feet ... I have fun ...

Soon, he explodes and immediately I take My hand off his cock - thus ruining his orgasm ... and to destroying his pleasure totally, after orgasm, when his penis is sensitive, I rub again his cock with my feet ...

The slave's balls are empty so now, it can carry without problems the chastity belt for another 30 days!


Nylon's slave

Having waited on his knees for a few hours until I came back, the slave has to worship my heels and My feet in nylons. First time he smells the sweet scent of my feet in nylon and then kisses them, licks them and of course sucks them! From too much excitement, the slave touches my feet with his teeth and I punish him immediately for that. Lying on my lap, I spank his bottom for being a disobedient boy!


Mummified under My ass

The slave is mummified and wear a latex hood! I weare only a fishnet bodysuit and boots! In this clip you will see a different level of teasing a helpless male! I am riding on his body, on his face ...and I like what I do ! In the end, the slave recive what he deserve: his cock locked in a chastity device!  


Worship my gorgeous feet

Worshiping My feet is a reward for those hwo worth it! The slave must always start with the shoes: lick them and clean them with his tongue, after, he must to smell it, breathe deeply and inhale the arousing fragrance of the feet mixed with the smell of leather ... and then, he start worshiping my feet: sniff, lick, kiss ....Edge for Me whille watching this clip, foot boy!


Lick My ass clad in leather!

I wear leather and I feel very sexy! I've finished a whipping session and I'm very excited ... so I use this slave to satisfy my cruel mood!For those who have never served as a human seat under the bottom of a woman, I say to you: the full weights face sitting is not an "easy task," and when Mistress wears leather, it is even more difficult! But, of course, all the "difficulties" are insignificant compared to the reward: to be smothered by a gorgeous bottom clad in the leather, lick it and smell it ... that a real heaven for a slave!


Boots boy

Get on your knee slave and pay attention to your Mistress: cleaning My boots, is not easy nor funny! The slave must struggle to do it well, using his tongue and dont miss any part of My gorgeous boots! I am vigilant and although I laugh and look happy, I use My bull whip with no hesitation ! 


Foot boy at office

Because he was a good boy and transferred his monthly salary to My account, this lucky slave receives the privilege of worshiping My feet as I sort my emails! The slave is not allowed to talk or distract me in any way! His duty is to smell, kiss, lick! First, My Heels and Soles of My Shoes and My Nylon Feet. What a pleasant day for this slave ... You want to be there, excited by the smells of my legs, right?


Adoring Mistress Luna's feet

Look at Me: I am in latex, with white satin shirt and corset, wearing a pair of gorgeous sandals that are highlighting My toes with red pedicure .... kneel and watch ... I know you can not resist to the seductive image! You want to be in the place of this slave: you want to adore My feet, smell them, taste them! Worship My feet, boy! 


Balls waxing

I am in ,,cruel mood,, and I get satisfaction by torturing this slave with hot wax ! I use normal candles, not those special ones from sex shops for sexual games, which have a low melting point ! The slave is shivering in pain, but I am pleased! 


My slave get 2 cocks

It was really amusing Me when I filmed this video! I knit with a string and stretched the balls of this slave so much that his they now look like a cock. I put a condom on them and voila: it looks as if my slave has now, 2 cocks... ..

Of course the slave did not escape just as easy: I made ball stomping, ball busting, stomping the balls with My bare feet but also with My gorgeous high heels. I pull his balls, ... it was funny for Me and painful for the slave!


Worship Me

Kneel and honor My superiority! Worship My sharp high heels, My ass and My delicious feet covered in nylon! Simple and sublime: Women are made to be adored! Worship Me and buy this clip where your fetish is glorious illustrated !


Facesitting in shiny pantyhose

Those who know me, know that I love pantyhose: to wear them, but also to use them to subjugate My slaves! I also love to sit on the slave's face and, of course, I like to have My feet worshiped! This is the essence of this clip: face sitting, adoring My feet in nylon, smothering, ass sniffing ... and finally, I give to the slave My sweat pantyhose as a gag.


Cum in your pants, boy!

In this video, I wear a corset that highlights My waist and hips, black pantyhose and stiletto high heel shoes. I want to humiliate this slave, and I decided to send him to shop for Me with his wet pants. So I tease him so much, stand on his face, smothering him with my intimate parts covered only by pantyhose. I let him sniff my ass, breathe my intimate perfume ... and when it becomes noticeable that he is extremely aroused...


Slave humiliation

Casually dressed but sexy, I enjoy My favorite fruits and use this occasion to amuse My self humiliating this slave. On his knees, wearing a gag that forces him to keep his mouth open, turned into my trash can. Eating delicious cherries and spitting the stones into the mouth of the slave .... I exercise the ability to spit the stones exactly in his mouth ... 


Ball stomping

I had a lot of fun when I filmed this clip: the helpless slave, wrapped in cling film, just like a mummy ... gets special treatment! His balls are abused: trampled, stretched out, pinched and pressed ... Playing with his balls, arousse Me, and then I use the slave's face to get satisfaction: a little smothering with My ass clad in latex is exactly what I need to complete the picture!


Trampling with My boots

I use this slave like a rug, literally I walk on him with My riding boots ... and because I do not find it quite stimulating, I change My boots and put some high-heeled boots .... Trampling with My boots! When I get tired I put My ass on his face and then start again! 


Another day in cage

Another day spent by My slave in his new cage! I'm determined to teach this creature how to worship My boots! He knows he will not be released from the cage until I'm happy with his performance! So I get him out of the cage and order him again to worship My boots: I encourage him with a faceslap and correct it with a crup .... begins to be better ... so to motivate this maggot, I allow him to sMell My ass and to kiss My gorgeous ass, in leather tights! 


Sniffing My ass

It's a beautiful summer day, I wear a two-piece suit, white but no underwear underneath! My slave gets the privilege of smelling and licking my sweaty feet! Because is hot summer day and I wear no lingerie, My bottom and My intimate parts, gets very wet! Look at this lucky slave, how spoiled he is: he receive a rare delicacy! 


Facesitting in trousers

The title says it all! In this clip, I wear tight trousers - but no pants -and leather boots over knees ! The slave gets a gag from my nylons and then I enjoy a cigar sitting on his face! Feel? .. the exciting scent of my femininity? because I dont heave underwear, my intimate perfume passes easily through the fabric of my pants...and you get high on this fragrance! From time to time you get some fresh air ... 


Ball Abuse

I caught this slave when he touched his penis even though he knew he was forbidden! So he has to be punished, but not with whip or other tools: with bare hands and with plenty of pleasure.. for Me... normal! I tied his testicles, stretch them by pulling on them and hanging weights ... and every cry of pain is the music for My ears - it stimulates Me to cause them even more pain ... So, ballbusting with My strong legs covered by nylons .. is the ultimate treatment that this ungrateful slave has received! 


Kissing My feet

There is no other purpose for slaves than to satisfy their Mistress and any desire of Her is law! In this movie you can admire Me: dressed in glossy and tight, latex leggings, highlighting My gorgeous legs and My naughty butt, elegant white shirt from silk under corset which highlight My thin and My curvy silhouette !



Another my favorite activity is CBT In this clip, you will see how the slave, with the testicles stretched to the maximum of the string with which I tightly wrapped it, loves my legs in nylon while I ... am having fun by pulling the string tied of his testicles ... Agony and ecstasy for slave: on one hand, the pain caused by the torture of the testicles and the hits of the whip, and on the other hand, the honor of adoring my feet into the nylons!


Feet worship in office

After several hours of standing in high heel shoes, I need my slave to spoil my wonderful feet! Look at this clip, and admit that you dream to see my feet resting on your face ... to become the footstool for my beautiful feet ... would you like to smell them ... the most arousing perfume is this, my sweated feet ...


Worship My high heels!

You have the opportunity to serve me: go on your knees and admire my beautiful legs in the vintage style nylon pantyhose, observe my fine ankle, firm thighs, thin waist, curvy hips and round ass ... I know, you adore me and you want to you serve me as good as posible ! 


Encaged slave

This lucky slave is my prisoner ... He comes out of the cage only if I want and when I want it! I take him out twice a day for physical need and also any times I need his services! Otherwise, he stays well in his cage! Today, after I was shopping, with his credit card, I decided to release him a little, and because these leather overknee boots are paid with his money, I gave him the privilege of adoring them! 


The driver's reward

It was a hot summer day ... after a few hours' drive, I finally got into my hotel room! Admire me in a two-piece white suit with white stiletto shoes that contrasts with my tanning ... I feel sexy and happy, so I decided to reward my driver: he gets my feet sweat to lick, and because it's hot, he receive the water right out of my mouth ... what an honor for him!


Fullweights facesitting

What can be more representative of the Female Superiority than facesitting! I think there is no more sexy and suggestive position for power of woman! You will see in this video, your beautiful Stapina, wearing a gorgeous red corset, sexy fishnet pantyhose and red stiletto high heels!You like what you see! 


Feet lover

A very lucky slave,he have the opportunity to adore my beautiful feet! I wear elegant high-heeled sandals, pedicure in red ... isn't my feet irresistible? they just look delicious! And you would like to taste them a bit, isn't? How does this slave in the clip: sniffing, kissing and licking them: one toes in a row, like the lollipops then, he takes his tongue under my soles and consciously cleanses everything...



Admire my refined -erotic outfit: I look super sexy and hot, doesn't? This time, this lucky slave is tied to the bed gagged with my nylons! I have fun using him the way I like it: facesiting! I tease him by rubbing my intimate parts and my ass against his face...Imagine how arousing it may be for you: my sexy bottom in this satin pants..rubbing you feminine scent drive you would like to lick or taste...


Office break time

It's time for a little break, I get bored! The official "boss," is actually my slave... I'll call him in my office ... he knows what I like when I take the break: to have him under my ass, to worship My ass, to sniff My intimate fragrance !! So inferior creature is not allowed to have direct contact with my intimate parts, so he will lick through the panty...


Your face is my seat

Today you are my seat, the human support for my wonderful ass! I have some phone calls to make... and you are not allowed to talk or bother me in any way ... I will take care that from time to time you get the necessary dose of air ... only that ...


Painfull handjob

One of My favorite scenarios: painful handjob ... and when I say painful .. it really means! How else, when your testicles are stretched in the humbler, and you get a blowing dildo in your ass? ... besides that you get some whipping blows from time to time .... Even so ... you can feel that I like what I'm doing to you, it excite Me to do this ... 


Boots slave

This lucky slave has the privilege to be at My My orders...a boot cleaner! Look at your sexy Mistress how She uses this slave to clean Her boots with his tongue! While enjoying My coffee, I have fun using  him the way I like it: he's just an object, a carpet, a stool for My feet or a seat for My ass ! 


Puppy training by Mistress Luna

Aren't you secretly dreaming to be my ? Is ok, do not be ashamed, I like to turn you into my devoted , always at my feet! You will see that Mistress Luna will turn you into a well-trained puppy, no doubt! Look how I teach this puppy to sit, down, fetch ( aport) or to drink water from the bowl, just like a puppy ... it's so fun for me!