List of don’t

In order to avoid any unnecessary emails and time wasting I made a list of activities that I won’t participate in. Read it carefully and make sure you understand. Any emails asking about these activities will be deleted right away.

                                          Luna-6-10-0167 (1)

DO NOT –  ask Me about sex, I don’t like men asking me for sex so forget it, you wont get any !
If you want sex ask someone who provides that kind of services.

DO NOT – ask Me about LTR.

DO NOT –ask Me to marry you !

DO NOT  – ask Me if I want to relocate to you – it is an insult to My intelligence.

DO NOT – ask me about wrestling.

DO NOT  – ask Me to travel to you if I never meet you before.  Normally I do travel to various countries at my slaves invitation, but only those that I know and who have already had sessions with Me.

DO NOT – ask Me to castrate you – go to the doctor for such an operation!

DO NOT  – lie to Me about your limits and experience. 

DO NOT – contact me on behalf of your wife, Mistress or girlfriend. Have THEM contact me instead.

DO NOT –   involve children, animals or any kind of drugs in my sessions is COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN and will NEVER EVER happen!

DO NOT  – ask Me to have a session in your hotel room. This is a very disrespectful proposal.